We Fought Corruption Silently Without Inviting The Media – Goodluck Jonathan


Corruption and the fight against it had been in existence for as long as greed and covetousness existed among men.

However, the present government administration in Nigeria has so magnified the fight against corruption to the point where former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GEJ decides to react.

According to GEJ in his speech on Monday, October 24th at the Oxford Union of the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, on the theme “Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship,” him and his men of cabinet fought for right standings and against illegal acts, but they didn’t make such a hullabaloo about their underground works.

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Although Jonathan did not go into details on their anti-corruption fight, he says most of the cases are still pending in court. He also said the anti-corruption agencies in the country like the EFFC were restructured to function more effectively, all thanks to his administration.

he said.

He also told the Oxford students he was addressing that in as much as he was playing his role as a president, he did not interfere with the legal processes involved with people and organization caught in corruption, hence the pending court issues.

Nonetheless, most of these case are among the lots the Buhari-led administration is tackling. Although they have been criticized severally for their anti-corruption movement which is taking their focus away from more important  and pressing needs in the country, the team have done a notable job to that regard.

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Goodluck Ebele Jonathan also spoke about Fostering Youth Entrepreneurship, as well as gave some explanations on how he created wealth and not poverty during his administration.

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