Corizo Biography and Net Worth

Corizo (Real name: Sameer; born January 13) is a fast-rising singer, rapper, and songwriter in the Nigerian music industry with a net worth of $100,000, which he bagged from his music career and endorsement deals.

Though Corizo is still in the early years of his career, he has been able to gain recognition and draw lots of fans to himself. He started pursuing his music career as early as high school and was able to get into the spotlight with his song Run Am for Us.

Corizo’s Bio

  • BIRTHDAY: January 13
  • BIRTHPLACE: Edo State, Nigeria
  • BIRTH SIGN: Capricorn 
  • ETHNICITY: Benin

How Old is Corizo?

Corizo was born on January 13, but his year of birth is not known, thereby making it impossible to peg his age. He was born in Edo State, Nigeria, to parents from Edo State, the south-south region of Nigeria. His parents’ names and what they do for a living are unknown, but they maintain a strong Christian faith that they instilled in their children.

The singer is not the only child of his parents, though the number of siblings, names, and what they are up to are not known to the public.

Having grown up in Edo state, Corizo obtained his early and primary school education from the state. He graduated from one of the most prestigious secondary schools in the state before enrolling in a university. The name and location of the university he attended are not known, likewise, if he has graduated or is still pursuing his degree.

Where Is Corizo From?

Corizo is from Osula in Benin, Edo State, where he was born and raised. He is of the Benin tribe and is of Nigerian nationality. Having grown up in the Benin suburbs with parents that are of the Benin tribe, he is fluent in the Benin language. The singer is one of those celebrities who never stops bragging about where they came from and proudly identifies as an Edo boy.

The Singer Ventured Into Music In High School

The singer was a part of his church’s choir while growing up, where he discovered his musical talent. This made him nurture the dream of becoming a musician, which he made known to his parents. Corizo’s parents supported his dreams but urged him to focus more on his studies. He didn’t give up and started writing songs while in high school.

After high school, he started going to studios to record some of the songs that he had written. His big break came when he released the song Run Am for Us. The song became a huge success and got him the honor of performing at concerts, shows, and events in Nigeria and beyond. He has collaborated with various fast-rising artists like Uchy, Dee Will, Kharmar, and many others in releasing songs.

The Best of Corizo’s Songs

  • Run Am For Us
  • Oh Lord
  • Petra
  • Inside Life
  • Story of Padi
  • Call Me Devil
  • Chronicles of Corizo
  • Down
  • Ready or Not
  • Therapy
  • Great Fool

What is Corizo’s Net Worth?

The singer has a net worth that is estimated at $100,000. Corizo made his net worth from concerts, shows, events, endorsement deals, streaming platforms, and albums.

Corizo’s Net Worth is Primarily Derived From Music 

Corizo earned a lion’s share of his net worth from his music career. The singer has released about ten songs and rakes in cash from the sales of his songs. He has also graced the stages of various concerts, shows, and events. The singer has performed in shows like DJ Moonlight’s Made in Ethiopia. Though the exact amount that he is paid for performing at shows and events is unknown, he is sure to bag a reasonable sum.

He Also Earns From His Various Streaming Channels

The singer has made a good sum of money from his various streaming channels. Here is how Corizo makes his money from the various platforms:

He Has a Good Number of Subscribers on Youtube

Corizo has his own self-titled YouTube channel known as El Coizo. He has been able to grow his fan base with his music career and has about 20.3k subscribers. According to sources, the platform pays from $0.5 to $3 for every 1,000 views. He is seen to garner many views on each of his uploaded videos. With the estimated payment range, the singer bags a reasonable sum of money from his YouTube channel.


On the Deezer platform, artists are paid based on total paid subscriptions, a total number of songs streamed on the platform, and total listeners on an ad-supported plan. The platform pays artists between $6.4 to $10 per 1,000 streams. With his fan base of about 816, he rakes in a considerable amount.


The platform pays artists about $1 for 250 streams, meaning that they earn based on the number of views. Corizo has about 8,775 monthly listeners, which will increase significantly in the future. According to the calculations above, the singer is seen to earn some amount of cash from the platform.


This is a streaming channel where artists are paid by revenue per stream. To determine the views, the total streams are divided by the generated revenues from advertisements and subscriptions. Coriz became a member of the platform on May 27, 2019, and has 371k followers, 239k monthly listeners, and 69.7 million total plays. With the above estimate, the singer earns well from the platform.


The Amazon streaming channel pays artists based on the number of streams of their music. Artists are paid $0.00402 for each stream and $1 for every 249 streams. Payments are made to artists every four months, and the singer is seen to earn from the platform. He also earns from other streaming platforms like iHearts, Pandora, and apple music.

Endorsement Deals

Just like many successful artists that have been able to gain the love of the masses, Corizo is not left out. He is the brand ambassador of a cryptocurrency trading company known as Golden Exchange Limited. The singer will still bag more endorsement deals in the future as he is still releasing more songs and growing his fan base.

A Recap of the Sources of Corizo’s Net Worth

  • Music
  • Shows, concerts, and events
  • Streaming Platforms
  • Endorsement deals


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