Confirmed! Women Can Get Pregnant Through Anal Sex


Doctors before now, have disproved the possibility of getting pregnant through anal sex, saying it is unlikely. Though in theory, it’s possible that it could happen if semen from the anus gets into the vagina.

However, a surprising medical revelation has seen a doctor claim that it is possible for women to become pregnant through anal sex.

A urologist at the Jersey Urology Group in Atlantic City, Dr. Brian Steixner, proves that one can get pregnant through anal sex after dealing with such a pregnancy himself.

Dr. Steixner revealed that he had treated a woman with a rare condition called ‘cloacal malformation’ when he was a medical student. A condition which only occurs in girls as they’re developing in their mother’s womb.

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A woman in the US with this condition was operated on, a surgical mistake or a rare bodily reaction created an abnormal connection between her womb and her rectum.

Every month, during menstruation she reportedly bled from her anus – but her vagina was a dead-end. With vaginal penetration impossible, Dr. Steixner said that the woman only had anal sex before becoming pregnant.

However, in the case of the unfortunate woman who did get pregnant through anal sex, it was decided that a natural birth would be too risky, and so the woman underwent a C-section.

Describing it as an unusual occurrence which “blew his mind,” Dr. Steixner said after doing a whole bunch of X-rays, they determined that she got pregnant from having anal sex.

Thankfully, the condition which makes such a pregnancy possible is very rare – only in one in 50,000 people have a chance of it happening to them.

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Cloacal malformation can develop early into the pregnancy, meaning that the baby’s rectum, urethra and vagina fail to separate into different tubes.

This causes urine and faeces to drain into a common channel which opens in the perineum – where the anus is normally located – according to Great Ormond Street Hospital. Normally this is rectified by surgery to create three separate channels, as well as an anus and a vagina.