I Broke My Virginity At Age 5 – Comedian Bovi Reveals Age-Long Secret


In the world of Nigerian stand-up comedy, there are men who have succeeded in carving a niche for themselves. Bovi (real name Ugboma Bovi), is one of these successful comedians. Mention his name to his fans and followers and you would be greeted with a knowing smile.

The Delta State-born comedian has bought a spot for himself in the entertainment industry and his inimitable comic sense has resulted to his blossoming career.

However, just when we thought we knew all about the actor and comedian, Bovi Ugboma in a chat with Moments Nigeria made a shocking disclosure of an age-long secret. The entertainer surprised many people following the revelation that he broke his virginity at the age of 5.

According to the actor, he had his first sexual encounter with a 13 years old girl, 31 years ago.

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His words:

“My first sexual encounter was at age 5, she was young and a small girl but I think she was exposed to too much adult stuff.

“So, we were neighbors, neighbors in Benin, a twin duplex. so she’d take me in when her folks where out, she would take me upstairs and we’d just play. She was young, she was a small girl as well probably exposed to too much at that age.

“It happened in 1985. It went on for a while, I never taught of it, I never saw it as any issue. If it had any effect on me, then it will be that when I grew up, I became sexually attracted to older women.”

Watch video below:

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Meanwhile, Bovi, yesterday broke the sad news of a robbery which took place in the home of his friend and colleague BasketMouth in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The comedian and his family were reportedly robbed at gun point in their Lekki home, carting away with valuables.

Breaking the sad news, Bovi Ugboma took to his Instagram writing:

“@Basketmouth was robbed this morning in his home in Lekki Phase 1 between the hours of 2am and 4am, 7th of September 2016. He and his family were held at gun point while the sad episode lasted. Nobody was hurt. Valuables were taken including the CCTV device. A report has been made at the police station. He can’t be reached at the moment but will be back on as soon as possible.”

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