See What Makes Cockroach Farms A Booming Business In China


As ridiculous as this sounds, cockroach farming has been a successful business in China for years as Chinese man, Wang Fuming confirms the feasibility running cockroach farms.

While Nigerians manufacture insecticides to eliminate cockroaches and other insects, entomologist,  farmer Wang nurtures millions of these appalling insects as food and traditional Chinese medicine.

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The farmer keeps the roaches in warehouses with narrow corridors and hives made of cement roof shingles and visiting such farm can be a devastating nightmare for insect haters. However, Wang doesn’t think so, as a matter of fact he adores cockroaches.

“I’ve been interested in insects since I was 8 years old,” he told CBS News.

That’s so you know it’s not always about money, without passion, I wager Wang would never have ventured into what I personally consider a disgusting intimacy with scuttling legs.

According to  Mr. Wang, “Business is very good, and “many pharmaceutical factories make products with them [cockroaches].” He claims they can cure all manner of ailment, from the heart to the liver to the lungs and stomach arches; the blattaria are also grounded and used to treat wounds and even as an ingredient in toothpaste.

The insects are fed with wheat shavings and vegetables for four months. Then they’re boiled, dried and some of it crushed to make pills.

Why the Chinese would savour eating cockroaches might beat your imagination but Wang who farms about ten million of these insects says it’s a delicacy for him.

“I felt so much better after I started eating cockroaches,” he says.

The cockroach farmer also reveals he makes $160,000 (N50.3m) a year from his business.

He also suggests they can be part of dinner, fried with vegetable oil – maybe spice it up to spike the taste.