CNN African Voices Reporter Beaten At Dakar Airport


Popular host of CNN African Voices, Keturah King was allegedly assaulted by airport security in Dakar, Senegal today, Tuesday, May 24, 2016. Over the past few days, the reporter has been in Dakar. Just when she was about to leave the country, she got the shock of her life at Dakar Airport – a public embarrassment she will not forget in a hurry.

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According to Keturah King, the airport security threw her against a wall and beat her up after a brief and minor face-off. The battered young lady took to social media to tell her story just as it was happening.

“I’ve just been thrown against a wall at the airport and beaten up by the Dakar Airport police,” she tweeted.

Keturah King

She also shared photos of her injuries on her Twitter account despite being warned not to do so.


“They keep telling me to put my phone away and not record them. They refuse to communicate with me directly – choosing to speak to the men around instead,” she revealed.

She also disclosed that they locked her up in a room with groups of male officers and kept insulting her. One of them even spat on her.


The Famous CNN TV reporter, who did not know exactly what was going on, has alerted the Public Relations officer in Senegal via Twitter, describing how she has been maltreated by the Dakar police officers at the airport.

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“@PR_Senegal have now been locked in a room with groups of male officers intermittently coming in to insult me. One just spat on me,” she tweeted.

The assault has gone viral on the internet and hopefully Keturah King will get help as soon as possible before the situation gets out of her control.