Climate Change: National Assembly Contemplates Bill On Global Warming


The National Assembly is set to introduce a bill that will control daily activities that give rise to global warming and bringing climate change in Nigeria.

This was disclosed by the House Committee Chairman on Climate Change, Hon. Sam Onuigbo in Abuja on Thursday during Climate Change Knowledge Immersion workshop, organised by the World Bank in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Environment.

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Speaking of the plans on ground, Mr. Onuigbo stated that the legal framework will serve as a working document for both private and public sector on climate change issues. He noted that Nigeria currently lacks regulations on climate change hence the bill will ensure there is a law on matters concerning climate change, especially mitigation, adaptation and resilient strategies for all stakeholders.

The Chairman linked the herdsmen crisis to shrink in the volume of Lake Chad. He informed that the law will contain issues necessary alleviate impacts of climate change across the nation.

“It is a law that guides you whether you are an environmental practitioner or public sector, so you know what to do. Right now, we do not have any and I know that the leadership of the National Assembly are aware of this, so the law is coming.

“It is important to know that if we can address the challenges – for the herdsmen who are pushing down south, when the lake Chad and northern states were green, there were no trouble but as the climate changes, crisis started.”

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Onuigbo charged that House to reach an agreement on the issue which will regulate people who are practitioners in the business of the environment so that a deal will be reached within few month to allow the senate takeover.

“So we need to come in agreement on this. It will regulate those who are practitioners in this business. In a few month, we will be done with our part and leave the rest to the senate.

“It will be introduced in the parliament in a month’s time.”

The House Committee Chairman on Environment, Hon. Obinna Chidoka lamented the challenges facing the committee on the issue of climate change and he said there’s lack of cooperation from Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to jointly reduce climate change impacts.

Chidoka advocated for more public awareness and sensitisation for collaborative supports

“People need to know about climate change and what has been done so far. There is a gap between MDAs and climate change. Ministry of Power wants to increase coal mining while environment ministry is working to reduce greenhouse emission.”

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It is recorded that 2016 was the hottest year and this was also stated by the World Bank Practice Manager, Environment and Natural Resources, Mr. Benoit Bosquet in his presentation. He noted negative changes in weather could increase  global poverty if not quickly addressed. But for climate change impact to be implemented in Nigeria, Bosquet suggested that political will, incentives for the private sectors as well as modern technologies must be provided.