CJN Mahmud Refutes Being At Strife With Buhari Over Court Orders


The Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mahmud Mohammed has refuted reports that he is at strife with President Muhammadu Buhari over court orders. He also insisted that he is not in a dispute with the legislative, judicial or any other agency of government executing the anti-corruption war for not complying with grant bails ordered by judges on the arms deal scandal, according to a report on Vanguard.

There had been reports in some sections of the media that Justice Mohammed was displeased with President Buhari over the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission’s (EFCC) non-compliance with court orders to free the suspects of the arms scandal, for the diversion of $2.1billion arms procurement allocation, who were granted bail by judges.

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A top judiciary official responding to the claims on behalf of the CJN told Vanguard on Wednesday that Justice Mohammed had nothing to do with the issue of whether suspects being investigated with a criminal case were released on bail or otherwise.

The official noted that though there were concerns among judges that some of their orders had not been carried out to the letter by some government agencies, there was also fury in the judiciary that many judges had aided and abetted top government officials to loot the treasury with impunity through frivolous orders and injunctions which were against the interest of the country and its people.

He noted that Justice Mohammed has not issued “any statement on any court order relating to the investigation of the arms cash, individuals or groups,” the top official from the CJN’s office added that Justice Mohammed believes the courts are well able to discharge their duties as enshrined in the laws of Nigeria.

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“If the question may be asked, was it the Chief Justice of Nigeria that ordered those judges to work against the interest of Nigeria by granting frivolous orders that enabled corrupt Nigerian public officers to make away with public funds? I can tell you that the CJN is aware of the frivolous orders being issued by some judges and he cannot, therefore, sympathize with people who threw their integrity to the winds when they should have done the right thing at the right time.

“Let it be known that the Chief Justice of Nigeria does not and will never encourage any form of misdeed having taken the oath of office to remain incorruptible, just and firm in the discharge of his duties to Nigeria and its people,” the official said.