CHRISTIANS, Do Not Eat Cow Meat From Today Henceforth! See Why


A random message has been circulating the internet, warning Christians across Nigeria to desist from eating cow meat from today 1st February 2017.

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According to some anonymous Christian Leaders spear heading the ‘No Cow Meat’ campaign, Muslims have proven times without number that they love and value the life of Cows more than that of Christians.

It was even highlighted that some meat slaughters kill Christians for the purpose of using them as suya meat, which will be consumed by the same Christians.

Christians Are Advised Not To Eat Cow Meat From Today HenceForth

The sole purpose of this cow meat fast is to mourn the souls of some fallen Christians killed by the Muslims as well as to crumble their economy since Christians are the major people who patronize cows and Suya.

“With Effect from February 1st 2017, Christians all over Nigeria has been asked to stop eating Cow meat. 

“The ban of eating Cow meat should be effected seriously as from February 1st in solidarity for the life of our dear Christians brother been killed by wicked Islamist.

“We are advised to eat more of Fish, bush meat, pig, native goat, chicken, duck, snails etc. We top Christians Leaders has discovered and come to conclusion that Muslims love the life of Cows more than the life of Christians.

“They have gone as far as killing Christians to prepare suya for Christians to eat. Christians are the promoter of their sales of Cows and that is enough for them to respect Christians since we are the promoter of their business.

“Imagine the Southern Kaduna killings of over 1000 Christians slaughtered by Islam that the President Muhammadu Buhari  government kept quiet about, but reacted to the death of Cows.

“This is the only way we can crumble their economy and bring them to their kneels to respect Christians. We need one voice and cooperation now.

“Pleases share on Facebook, to all your WhatsApp contacts, groups and keep re-broadcasting until it gets to every one. We Christians are now ready to defend our self. We won’t kill like them but we will crumble their economy.

“We will let them Know that God is God. Wisdom is more profitable to direct.”

Cow meat [seasoned]

Christians Are Advised Not To Eat Cow Meat From Today HenceForth

Aside all of these, the Fulani herdsmen and their cows have caused a lot of trouble in the country. The same animals were the cause of the Fulani herdsman and farmers clash in Enugu state that claimed hundreds of lives.

There was also a herdsman attack late last year in Abia state and Delta State. On Wednesday, December 22nd 2016, Agbarha kingdom, a community in Delta state, was invaded by herdsmen and the traditional ruler of the kingdom Orhifi Enemor II, was kidnapped. However, Okukeren III, Ovie of Arhavwarien, an Urhobo Kingdom luckily escaped.

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All of these led to the recent advice by Diamond Emuobor, a prominent bishop and Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria in Ughelli, Delta State, urging Christians to own a sword and defend themselves against further attacks by the terrorists.

The first defense starts from ignoring the most precious commodity of the Muslims, which is cow meat.