Dr. Chris Okafor Advises Nigerian Christians: Kill Any Fulani That Tries To Attack You!


Another top Nigerian Pastor, Dr. Chris Okafor, founder of Mountain of Liberation and Miracle Ministries, has said it is time for Christians all over the country to be prepared for battle. This is coming just as the DSS is doing everything within its powers to contain the heat of Apostle Johnson Suleiman.

Amplifying the words of Apostle Suleiman with regards to the killing of Christians in Nigeria, especially in Southern Kaduna, Pastor Chris Okafor told Christians to kill any Fulani herdsman that attempts to kill them because “enough is enough.”

He also urged Christians to stop eating beef and make do with other alternatives since the Fulani herdsmen preferred their cattle to the lives of human beings.

In a video which has gone viral, the man of God in anger warned that the killing of a Christian would from now, lead to a reprisal attack because no life is more important than the other. He also called for the division of Nigeria so that the north and south would go their separate ways.

“People are being killed in a country where there is government and nobody seems to be saying anything; and anybody who says something, they come against that person.

“We are all ready to die for it. When they come with their cow to graze in your farmland, they destroy your farmland and when you talk, they kill you.

“Why? Because to them, their cow is more important than your own life. You are seen as an infidel, an unbeliever. No Fulani herdsman has been arrested for the carnage in Kaduna.

“No even El-Rufai the Herod can even make a statement totally condemning the act. The short Herod could not even make a statement.”

Speaking further, Pastor Chris Okafor said that the silence of Christians should not be interpreted to mean that they cannot fight back.

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Continuing in another video, he explained that it is the prophetic destiny of the son of the bondwoman (the northern killers) to be violent and bloodthirsty.

“So you don’t necessarily need to look for their trouble. Foundationally, by nature, by their prophetic destiny, it is ordained that their hand will be against everyone. That’s why they can slaughter human being and it doesn’t seem like anything to them.

“You watch some barbaric videos, very gory and graphic in nature, where they are cutting the head of people, laughing, when normal human beings can’t even stand cutting a chicken. And somebody is cutting the head of another person, ripping the womb of a pregnant woman.

“Check it, if a thief comes to your house to rob you, to r*pe your wife, to kill you, if you have a means of killing the thief, kill the thief before the thief kills you.

“Why were the apostles carrying sword about? That means they had been persecuted and killed again and again and they came to the conclusion that when they pray that enough is enough.

“We don’t look for people to kill but if you want to kill us we will defend ourselves

“Enough is enough, no Christian must be killed anymore. If you kill one Christian, we are going to reply, we will defend ourselves.

Since they value their cow more than your life and my life, then stop eating cow. Don’t eat cow meat anymore, you can eat fish, you can eat chicken, you can eat goat meat, you can eat bush meat.”

Meanwhile, the founder of the Omega Fire Ministries, Johnson Suleiman, who was invited for interrogation at the DSS office in Abuja, was also released at about 10.30pm last night.

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