Chris Attoh Admits Marriage To Actress Damilola Adegbite Has Packed Up


For many months now, there have been speculations that the marriage between Ghanian actor, Chris Attoh and Nigerian actress Damilola Adegbite has hit the rocks. But the couple on several separate occasions, bluntly denied the reports claiming they were untrue.

Early this year, there were reports that Damilola, 32, had walked out of the marriage.

The duo’s divorce reports gained prominence after Chris posted several photos of his wife on social media, wishing her a happy second wedding anniversary on February 14, but Damilola failed to respond or do same.

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Subsequently, Damilola denied the rumours after posting a birthday shout out to Chris, proclaiming her love for him. Similarly, speaking with Ghanaian based radio station, Hitz FM, Chris Attoh commented on people making a case over his wife not responding to his IG post celebrating  their wedding anniversary, saying:

“I got my response, don’t worry. (laughs) The response doesn’t have to be on Instagram and I remember speaking to her that evening. I cant share the rest because it’s Parental Guidance (PG) show.. or is it not? Or you want me to talk about how ..(laughs).”

In the same vein, Damilola Adegbite during an interview with Punch two months ago also refuted rumors circulating about her marriage, saying her marriage was fine and people should learn not to meddle into her personal life.

Her words:

“Part of the price that we pay for being famous is the rumor they peddle against us.

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She also said that being celebrities, people form unfounded opinions about their lives, adding that the rumor has no credible source, with she and her husband having a good laugh on hearing the news.

“Some people believe that they have an opinion about your personal life and anyone can just say anything that they like at any time.

“I don’t know where the rumour of my marriage crisis emanated from; neither do I know how it started but we don’t pay attention to things like that. We are used to such talks and we have been in this industry for years, so you can throw anything you want at me or talk about my career.

“I don’t know where that came from but my marriage is fine. “People react to things differently but I laughed when I saw the news. From my post on Instagram, people could see that I was having a ball with the rumour.

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“I probably had a bowl of popcorn in my hand as I was reading the comments and we laughed about it. You just need to understand that in this industry, the more you look, the less you see.

“Sometimes, the things you think you know are not true and vice versa.

“People just need to realise that everybody has their personal lives and we would rather keep it that way,” she said.

However, probably tired of keeping up with the facade of making the public believe that all was well in his little paradise, Chris Attoh, granted an interview with Bella Naija, confirming that he and the actress are divorced.

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When asked how he and his now ‘ex-wife’ balanced their marriage, son and work, he said:

“I believe throughout our marriage, it has probably been one of the most challenging things we have ever done, and however, the key word is balance.

”At times when we both had to work, our parents would be there to hold the fort. God bless family because they were and still are very supportive.

”However, since the divorce, we are obviously now reworking things to create a new balance between work, spending time with and raising our son. 

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Even though they are no longer together, Chris Attoh noted that, “Dami is a wonderful woman and an amazing mother. Despite our differences, she and I will always be friends.”

“So more than anything we will find ways to continue to make sure that Brian can still have a balanced upbringing filled with love and support. Both our families have been and are still very supportive in helping us take care of our son Brian when we can’t be there due to work,” he concluded.

The 36-year-old Ghanaian star proposed to Adegbite on a boat cruise in Manhattan, NYC in August 2014 and they tied the knot on February 14, 2015, Valentine’s Day, at the La Villa Boutique Hotel in Accra.

The once lovey-dovey couple who became known after starring in the popular TV series “Tinsel” already have a son together.