Best Boss? Chinese Billionaire Sponsor 2500 Of His Staff On Holiday To Spain


A generous Chinese billionaire boss, Li Jinyuan, has sponsored no less than 2,500 of his staff on an all expense paid five-day holiday trip to Spain.

The trip which is part of the activities to celebrate the company’s 21st anniversary, also includes visits to Toledo and Barcelona, and is estimated to have cost the Chinese billionaire £5.5 million.

The treat for 2,500 staff at the Chinese mail order firm, Tiens Group, had the boss charter 20 planes and four high speed trains, as well as booking 1,650 hotel rooms, while 70 tour buses were hired to transport them to different attractions.

During their trip, the employees took part in a host of different cultural activities and were also able to take part in a “bloodless” bullfight as well as being treated to a flamenco display.

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Employees of Tiens Group arrived in Madrid on May 5 on 20 separate chartered flights from China. Their next stop was a day trip to the historic municipality of Toledo after which the group boarded four high-speed trains to Barcelona on May 8. They will be flying back to China on May 10.

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It is not the first time Li Jinyuan, China’s 33rd richest person and owner of direct-sales firm Tiens Group has pulled off such a feat.

Last year he sent more than 6,400 workers on a trip to France in what was believed to be the country’s largest ever tour group. That entailed booking 140 hotels in Paris and over 4,700 rooms in Cannes and Monaco.

Other companies in China have also recently organised trips for their employees. The mass holidays are further evidence of the growing power of the Chinese economy.

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About 8,000 employees of Chinese healthcare company Zhongmai were reportedly being taken to South Korea last weekend for a ginseng chicken soup party.

In March, a beauty company, Aurance Group had also taken 6,000 of its employees to South Korea for a beer and fried chicken party.