China’s Proposed Straddling Bus ‘TEB,’ Now A Reality, Check It Out!


China has just finished the construction of the proposed ‘Transit Elevated Bus,’ ‘TEB,‘ – the straddling bus that drive over cars to escape congested or any form of road traffic.

The country came up with the straddling bus concept six years ago as a cost effective way to drive over congested traffic. And now, it has become a reality from a miniature model to a full-scale moving piece of technology, as unveiled in Hebei province’s Qinhuangdao city, China yesterday.

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Designed to transport 300 passengers, the TEB is a 22 meters long, 7.8 meters wide and 4.8 meters tall automobile, therefore it is only a tad taller than a double-decker bus for the sake of existing bridges in China. Only cars less than two meters tall can drive under it.



China's Transit Elevated Bus, TEB
The TEB passengers interior attracted a lot of excited explores on board to get a taste of the large space with long rows of seats.

The electricity powered vehicle was subjected to a test run on Tuesday, August 2, in Qinhuangdao City, and consisted of a brake and power consumption test.

Back in May, the inventor and Chief Engineer of TEB, Song You Zhou had told China medias that the straddling bus could replace up to 40 conventional buses and if all goes well, it will only be up to a year and half before the vehicle enters the market.  And, when it is launched and operating, it should hit maximum speeds of about 40 miles per hour, making it a speedy mode of public transportation.

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All doubts have been laid to rest with this version of the Transit Elevated Bus, even though it is still not ready for mainstream daily use. For a country that built the first ever ‘glass bridge’ across Tianmen mountain, it’s no surprise that China was able to implement on this latest technology. They have continued to invest in technology and science which many countries around the globe emulate.