Chinese Government Harvests Organs From Political Prisoners Alive


As unbelievable as it sounds, Chinese government has been accused by dozens of highly respected investigators, scholars and government officials around the world, of harvesting organs from groups considered to be political or cultural enemies of the regime currently in power.

In China, it is a horrible experience being a political prisoner. You could be subjected to a lot of torture; starvation or have your organs removed while you’re still alive.

The Victims

According to Natural News, Many of the victims are members of the banned religious sect Falun Gong, a forbidden group that was created in 1992 (the official state religion in China is no religion, because its communist leaders want the people to worship them). As such, admitted members of the sect are regularly persecuted by the government, since the 1990s.

Without Anesthesia

This horrendous act by the government as discovered shows that thousands of prisoners have had organs taken by the Chinese state – forcefully, and often without anesthesia (or pain control).

Vital organs including hearts, kidneys, livers and corneas were systematically harvested from Falun Gong practitioners at Sujiatan Hospital, Shenyang, Liaoning province, beginning in 2001.

Organ Tourists

As desperate demand for organ transplants in China and around the world rises, with thousands of healthy Chinese prisoners locked away for all sort of absurd charges, experts say the government has secretly turned to large population of prisoners, especially those on death row, as its source to fill the growing demand for organs and to provide “organ tourists” from Western nations with potentially life-saving treatments.

Leaders in the international medical community, government officials and organizations have actively protested against this practice which has been done for many years, arguing that prisoners locked away in a government’s prison don’t actually have the true “freedom” necessary to “donate” anything.

Katrina Bramstedt, a professor at Bond University in Australia and an outspoken critic of the practice, told News Week in an interview

It is known that Chinese surgeons perform the removal procedure [on political prisoners] and sometimes the ‘donor’ has still been alive during this process—the organ-removal process is what actually kills them.

The Sydney Morning Herald interview with the wife of a former Chinese hospital doctor, whose identity was guarded, said her husband had removed the corneas of 2000 people while they were still alive. Afterwards the bodies were secretly incinerated.

More Evidence

Although the Chinese officials have denied that organs are being taken from unwilling volunteers, in an SBS Dateline episode titled: ‘Human Harvest: China Organ Trafficking,’ one Chinese medical student said he recalled seeing blood still pumping out of one “donor” whom he said was still alive when he cut into the body. He added that he removed that individual’s liver and two kidneys, and said the procedures under which he operated were unusually sloppy and quick.

The documentary noted further, that during an eight-year investigation, the Chinese government removed some 11,000 organs from political prisoners without putting them under anesthesia, every year.

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