Chief Akande Claims “Political Parasites” Are Defecting To APC


Former Osun State Governor and former interim National Chairman of the All Progressives’ Congress (APC), Chief Bisi Akande during an interview with newsmen has described those defecting from other parties especially those from the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) as ‘political parasites,’ saying they would destroy the APC the way they destroyed the PDP, if not curtailed.

On his 77th birthday on Saturday, at his residence in Ila Orangun, Chief Akande reacting to the recent PDP politicians defection to the APC, warned the party to beware of defectors from the PDP in order not to allow them to kill the ruling party, explaining that parasites usually kill their hosts and look for new hosts after the initial hosts might have died.

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“The situation is like bringing together two pieces of wood to make furniture. If the wood is weak, the furniture will not be strong enough. It is true that we put the party (APC) together in a hurry and we put it together by merging political parties but before it became a political party, and glued into one, election had come and we seemed to be more concerned with election than the making of the party,” he said.

He noted that it is the duty of elders like himself to caution such indiscipline and help bring the party together in a stronger form, promising they would achieve that, as he identified lack of clear political ideology as the cause of the incessant defections.

He said,

“We in the APC should be careful, the defection is not a strange thing but I know it is always done by parasites. I have always remained in one line of politics. I have never defected and I will never defect; I will remain in that progressive polity”.

“But those who are defecting from one party to the other, by nature, they are political parasites. They have killed the original host, which was the PDP, and they are now coming to the APC, which is the new host. It is for the APC to gird its own loins and prevent the parasites from killing the party, because a parasite has no root of its own but feeds on the little food that the host has”.

“So, running away from the PDP to the APC looks good but the APC must be careful in dealing with those parasites. But, that may not prevent true democracy because it depends on how we define democracy, the type of democracy in Nigeria is not anywhere in the world, it’s a moribund democracy.”

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In Akande’s reaction to the missing budget, he criticized the leadership of the senate, saying;

“Only the budget of the Senate was missing, so that leaves a complication into what is happening. You know, it is borne out of the same indiscipline that led to the hijack of the National Assembly. When the foundation of an assembly is indiscipline, until you remove the cause, you will continue to have this kind of problem in your hands.

“That assembly was not constituted the way my party planned it. It was by hijack and indiscipline which constitutes the way it is. So, you can expect any kind of dissatisfactory stories from such an assembly.”

On the issue of the Biafra agitators, the former governor recommended a dialogue and negotiations for any part of the country that wanted to disintegrate from the rest of the country. He advised that Nigeria should not repeat history again by trying to separate the way the first Biafran secessionists attempted to. He prayed that what befell the first Biafran secessionists would not befall the new set of Biafrans.

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On corruption, he said;

“The major problem of Nigeria is corruption. They used to do cover-up with inflated contracts and so on, but in this one, the fund was taken from the CBN and shared. It is a phenomenon in corruption in Nigeria.

“We need to be very ready for the fight against corruption, and the government alone cannot do it. Let the Nigerian people support the government in fighting corruption, because if this monster called corruption fights back, the whole country is likely to be in trouble. The extent of corruption in the country is unimaginable and very frightening.”

Chief Bisi Akande, was once the deputy governor of the Old Oyo State in the Second Republic and was at the beginning of the Fourth Republic, and in 1999 he was elected governor of Osun State. He subsequently emerged as National Chairman of the Action Congress (AC), and the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), one of the political parties that merged to form the APC, where he became interim National Chairman.