Man Catches Wife And Pastor Having Sex On Their Matrimonial Bed In Lagos


Residents of Wahab Close in the notorious Ejigbo area of Lagos state were entertained to a mild drama after a pastor called Victor was apprehended allegedly having sexual relations with Chidinma Okere, the wife of another man.

Mr. Victor sneaked into the home of Mr. Vitalis Okere to enjoy himself with his (Vitalis) wife Mrs. Chidimma Okere, like he had been doing for several months but as the saying goes, everyday is for the thief, but one day is for the owner of the house.

The Pastor who thought it would be business as usual, had already removed his pair of trousers when Vitalis entered the bedroom unannounced and on seeing the rightful owner of the house, Victor took to his heels wearing only his undergarment.

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According to the reports, Vitalis Okere who works as a security guard in an undisclosed company spends a major part of his time at work as he leaves his home in the afternoon and comes back the next day, in the morning. Due to the nature of his job, Okere had no idea of his wife’s adulterous relationship until their 11-year old daughter informed him about what has been going on behind his back whenever he went to work.

The pastor would steal his way into Okere’s house to meet Chidinma, his partner in crime, when their five children had gone to school and even when the children came back late in the evening, they would remain outside while Victor and their mother would lock themselves inside their room under the guise of praying.

The eldest daughter who did not like what was going on revealed the evil act to their father and on the day the duo were caught, Okere dressed for work as usual and informed his wife that he was off to work and would be back the next morning, then as is customary, the pastor lover came over to the house.

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While the love birds were locked up inside, leaving the children outdoor, Okere came back in the evening and knocked at the door and asked Chidinma to open the door for him.

Okere had to force the door open because it was taking rather too long for them to get the door only for Pastor Victor, who was not done dressing up to rush out in his pant, leaving behind his jeans trousers and soutane.

When he confronted his wife about what she was doing with the pastor behind closed doors, she lied that “we were just praying oh” with a wrapper on.

Mr. Okere left in anger with the pastor’s clothes and went to the police station to report the case.

While Chidinma Okere was asked to produce Victor who is now at large, the seized clothes have been kept as exhibit at the station.

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During a visit to the compound by Nigeria Camera, the eldest daughter who exposed the illicit affair said her mother, Chidinma Okere had traveled to their village in Imo State over the case.

Seriously, i’m yet to come to terms with whatever is the reason why some ‘men of God’ have decided to constantly rub God’s name in the mud. These hypocritical pastors go about their illicit activities forgetting that nothing is hidden under the sun. I understand that being a pastor doesn’t mean you are no longer a natural man with cravings but for God’s sake, if you have the spirit of God in you, your urges should be restrained. What in the name of God would a so-called pastor be doing in the matrimonial bed of another man? Conducting deliverance I guess! What a shame!!

And about some debased women, like Mrs. Chidinma Okere, that’ll be a discussion for another day!!

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