Read Charlyboy’s Warning to Nigerian Pastors; “Jesus is not a Gangster”


Media personality, Charlyboy, also known as AreaFada, has once again penned an online message to Nigerians, talking of many things from Pastors scamming their congregations to the economic situation in Nigeria.

The son of the late Supreme Court Justice Chukwudifu Oputa also talked about how laws are not made to favour indigenous businesses and more. In the message tagged “#OurMumuDonDo,” Charlyboy wrote;

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“Pastor’s Abegi make una stop all this Wayo. Jesus is not a gangster. Stop making people “offers they can’t refuse” You promise Heaven if they accept your nonsense propaganda and threaten spiritual torment if they don’t. Na only una know God, Na only una God dey buy private jets for. Una own heaven na for this world, our own na when we die.

A Nation without Savings is a Nation Without a Soul; A Nation of 10,000 Companies and 10,000,000 Churches and Mosque is a Nation of Glorified Scammers and Enduring Poverty. We the people gave up and Caved in to the Political Elite whose only interest is their Selfishly Greedy Personal and Egoistic desires. The Nation was Relegated and our Today is the Result of our Failure as a People Yesterday.

Nothing is going to change in a Country where Legislators are Afraid to Enforce Made in Naija; Nothing is Going to Change in a Country where Manchester United is Celebrated Ahead of Enyimba; Nothing is Going to Change with a People who Frown at Hardworking with Every Opportunity and Nothing will Ever Change When Voting for Criminals Becomes a Culture and a Way of Life.

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Bombs are Dropping, people are dying, Prices keep Rising, frustration hits the ceiling. As politicians and pastors keep dealing, Our graves we keep digging. Our docility killing our humanity, as youths engage in frivolity, It is disgusting how they keep secumbbing Unbecoming as they keep sagging and dulling.  Holding themselves captive by their complicity. #ourmumudondo”