Cancelled Nationwide Protest: Charly Boy Spits Fire


The cancellation of the planned nationwide protest have triggered outrage and Charles Oputa, a.k.a Charly Boy has once again taken to his media page to vent his anger at those he tagged as “demons.”

Charly Boy, who’s a veteran entertainer  nd self-styled Area Father, said:

“The struggle to overcome political insanity, audacious impunity and mindless looting in Nigeria took a negative hit last night not just because Tuface Idibia called off the February 6 protest, but because most of the demons we are fighting against hijacked the people’s protest and anger at the establishment.”

As iconic Nigerian artiste, 2Face Idibia calls off the national protest last night, bordering his reasons on the security of citizens who were willing to match with him to the Aso Rock, Charly Boy reaffirmed his commitment to start a new onslaught against the state of the nation.

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The 65-year old social activist vowed to fight to remove the fear among the people. He said:

“Now we retreat to regroup and re-plan and we will lock hands to synchronise our objectives. For me, it is #ALUTAETERNAL, because if we no plan well things no go work well. No be everybody get that kin heart to stand tall when jungle mature.

“The real tsunami it’s coming, and no doubt I will be on the front line. I will take the First Bullet; let my body be the first to drop; Let my Blood be the first to wash our LANDS.”

“Will the Nigeria youth back a full blooded peaceful political mass revolution at the federal, state and local government level? I doubt. But, I no go give up on my children.

“The Coalition of the Frustrated, Angry and Hungry, as well as this country that I love. We must sustain the pressure and cannot turn back as the Revolution Continues. We must begin to resist political insensitivity and mindless looting of our common wealth.

“I, Area Fada will fight so fear will no longer cripple my people. Our MUMU don reach last bus-stop. And before we go start to chop sand sand, we go enter street and purge our lands of political dictatorship, oppression, poverty and corruption.”

Charly Boy reiterated that it is time the people unleashed their anger for a good course.

“We must not walk/work alone or we will fail miserably. The Nigerian politician is our eternal enemy; The Nigerian people are the willing victim and it is time to channel our anger peacefully towards making governance work for us not against us.”

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Another painful piece coming from Seyi Law who’s words expressed what most Nigerians would concur, pointed out the inevitable end – death, hence he said:

“Let them rejoice in the power they hold, but please remind them that death will someday knock on the door.

“The grave will hold them down and their children will behold the strength in our unity. Silence us today and your children will be silent tomorrow while we speak. I believe in this nation and the emancipation of all. I won’t stop speaking and I know the tides of time will change and usher in a new dawn.”