Brazillian Club Chapecoense Awarded Copa Sudamrericana By FA


Brazillian Club Chapecoense Awarded Copa Sudamericana By South American Football Confederation.

Chapecoense, the Brazillian club that suffered a fatal plane crash has had their team awarded the Copa Sudamericana.

Brazilian club Chapecoense have been awarded the Copa Sudamericana by South American football confederation, Conmebol.

Last week, most of the Chapecoense team members heading to Colombia died in a plane crash en route to the final.

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Seventy-one people, including 19 players and staff, were killed in last Monday’s crash.

The plane carrying the Chapecoense contingent crashed on the way to Colombia for the first leg.


Colombian opponents Atletico Nacional, have been given a Fair Play award.

Atletico Nacional had asked that Chapecoense be awarded the trophy after the crash.

The Fair Play award was given to acknowledge Atletico’s “spirit of peace, understanding, and fair play”.

Club Chapecoense Awarded Copa Sudamericana By FA

Chapecoense will be given the $2m (£1.57m) in prize money while Atletico Nacional will receive $1m (£787,000).

Thousands of Chapecoense fans have been paying tribute to the crash victims with memorials across the country.

Teammate and survivor of the crash says he ‘may play again’ soon.

Three Chapecoense players were among the six people to survive the fatal crash.

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Investigations are still ongoing to determine the cause of the accident.

However, a recording retrieved from the crash site suggests the plane was out of fuel moments before the crash outside Medellin.

Football teams from around the world, including the English Premier League, have been paying tribute to the late Chapecoense players.

This week, a minute’s silence is scheduled to be held in their honor before every Champions League and Europa League game.