Catholic Bishops Conference Issue Statement Warning Buhari


Catholic Bishops in Nigeria have issued a statement warning President Muhammadu Buhari.

The Catholic Bishops in the statement urged the President to wake up to the fact that the high hopes Nigerians had in him is frittering away.

The Bishops position was made known in a statement issued at the end of their conference which held in Akure, Ondo state yesterday.

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The Catholic Bishops Conference also urged the president not to dismiss the call for the restructuring of the country.

In the statement, the Bishops alerted President Buhari to pay close attention to the strong allegations of nepotism in his political appointments.

The Catholic Bishops warned that the seeming sectionalism and nepotism is deepening feelings of alienation in some parts of the country.

The statement read in part:

“We call on our president to wake up to the fact that most Nigerians are today disillusioned by the frittering away of the high hopes which they invested in his resolve to turn things around. 

“The president can no longer safely ignore the very strong allegations of a rise in nepotism and sectionalism in federal appointments.

“This has further deepened the feelings of alienation and the rise of centrifugal forces that are threatening the foundations of our unity.

“One-sided appointments into public office have displayed a tendency towards a form of sectionalism that we have found difficult to associate with the high moral credentials of the president.

“A hurricane of violence by herdsmen and other agents of death has left in its wake a landscape of blood and destruction.

The Catholic Bishops further alerted that the spate of political violence, corruption, kidnappings, armed robbery, ritual murders and crime were on the rise.

Catholic Bishops Warn Buhari On Nepotism, Dictatorship

The Bishops stated that the country is now being ravaged by disease and hunger.

This has, according to them, resulted in the rise in violence.

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The statement continued:

“We wish to state firmly that the debate about the restructuring of our country should not be seen as an act of rebellion or as a call for division.

“It should rather be seen as an expression of our people’s desire that the political class return to the fine principles of democracy such as true federalism, negotiation and consensus building as means of achieving a more equitable distribution of the resources of our country.” 

The Catholic Bishops also frowned at calls for the expansion of the scope of Sharia law in the country.

They noted that it is at variance with the letter and spirit of the Nigerian Constitution.

They pledged their support for the anti-graft war of the president.

The clergymen, however, warned against the violation of the rule of law in carrying out the fight against corruption.

The Catholic Bishops advised the president to work with Nigerians from diverse backgrounds.

They ended the statement by asserting that the president must ensure that Nigerians do not feel that the country is sliding back into dictatorship.