My Career Ended in 2013 – Brymo


Following a tweet by one of Brymo’s followers who warns the singer about killing his career with his ill words, Brymo says his music career is already dead.

Life is in stages and music career is in levels. Artistes who understand this principle won’t feel bad after all whenever they experience a brief slow time in their careers.

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Unfortunately, Brymo has concluded that his career ended in 2013‘ in a recent Twitter spat which stemmed from his declaration that ‘black man likes to suffer’.

This was after a fan had warned him to be careful of the kind of thoughts he shares on social media, so it does not   jeopardize his music ambition.

The Twitter user, @Jeloxanbregaz wrote at @BrymOlawale; “You have really been tweeting recklessly these days. Don’t tear your ‘almost done’ career with yo miserable bare hands. Diot.” Brymo replied with “My career ended in 2013, arindin!!!!”

The most recent post that most have triggered the fan to tweet at Brymo was when he shared a tweet saying “Black man suffers at home, black man suffers abroad. Black man suffers everywhere, black man likes to suffer.”

Brymo came in big into the Nigerian Music scene in 2012, with his hit song Ara. However, his music brand started going down following his court case with his record label, Chocolate City. Even after settling with Chocolate City outside court, the soulful singer is yet to break in again as big as he did initially.

Although he has a huge fan base across the country, fans are yet to re-align with his song and brand all over again. Brymo has five critically acclaimed albums (Brymstone – 2007, The Son Of a Kapenta – 2012, Merchants, Dealers & Slaves – 2013, Tabula Rasa – 2014 and Klĭtôrĭs – 2016). Unclear as it seems, do you think Brymo’s music career is entirely ended?