CAN Rejects Nigeria’s Enlistment As An “Arab Nation”


Following the announcement by Saudi Arabia last night that Nigeria has been included in the 34 Muslim/Arab countries to coordinate the fight against terrorism, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), which is the umbrella body under which all Christians in Nigeria are united, has cried foul, calling on All Progressives Congress (APC) led government to discontinue its attempt to subtly enlist Nigeria among Arab nations.

The protest was made known last night through a statement by the General Secretary of CAN, Rev. Musa Asake in which CAN decried the Federal Government’s attempt to override the huge population of Christians in Nigeria by projecting the country as an Islamic nation.

According to, the 34-nation alliance was announced on Tuesday, by the country’s defence minister, Mohammed bin Salman. The coalition, which is supported by the United States, will involve all Arab world super powers such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Pakistan, Egypt, UAE, Malaysia and Turkey. The objective of the group would be to fight not only ISIS but also all other “terrorist organizations.”

In the statement by CAN late last night, they made their grievances known. The statement reads:

“This singular gesture of the Buhari government betrays so much, and tends to confirm our fears that underneath everything this government is doing, there is an agenda with strong Islamic undertones, aimed at undermining Nigeria’s pluralistic character and neutrality regarding government’s affiliation to any one religion.

“While joining hands with other countries to fight ISIS is something good, our country must not be tagged as a Muslim or Arab nation. Christians must make a public statement showing their discontent on this development which portends great danger to national unity and integration.”