How to Call Nigeria for Free From Any Part of the World

If you are anywhere in the world far from home, you will definitely feel lonely and therefore have the need to be in constant contact with family, friends, colleagues and relatives back at home. Maintaining constant contact can be a very costly affair. This is because international call rates from most mobile network providers are quite high.

Luckily, with the current technological advancement, that is no longer the case. It is now possible to call Nigeria free from any part of the world. I know this may sound far-fetched for many people but it is true. There are several ways to make international calls from anywhere in the world to Nigeria and elsewhere you wish to in the globe.

Most of these ways will require you to have an internet-enabled device such as Smartphone, iPhone, computer or laptop among others. If you wish to have the information, then here are some options on how to call Nigeria for free from any part of the world. You can choose based on the features that can work best for you and your mobile devices.

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Making Free Calls With Your Mobile Phone

In order to make free calls to Nigeria from any part of the world with your mobile, your phone needs to be able to support certain applications. However, there is another method of making free calls by routing your calls through a variety of services that are able to bypass your network or carrier. This may not be one hundred percent free as most of these calls use your data plan to connect. The implication is that such calls will attract minute charges as would happen for local calls.

A good alternative that costs nothing is to use your mobile phone apps that allow voice calling. All you will need to do is to find out whether your mobile device is compatible with the app and then have it installed. This means that the person you wish to contact must also have a mobile phone that can run the app.

For example, an app known as Rebtel can be installed in iPhones, android phones as well as windows phone among other internet-enabled phones. You can make international calls for free if the person you are calling also is a Rebtel user. However, if you are a Rebtel user and the person your calling is not, your first call will be free but then you will have to pay for the rest of the calls.

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Making Free Calls From Your Personal Computer or Laptop

A variety of services exist which can allow you to call Nigeria for free from anywhere in the world through your personal computer. However, these services have limitations in terms of the duration of time you can have to speak to your loved ones. Still, it is better than not calling at all or spending a lot of money. Five to ten minutes is usually adequate to know how someone is doing especially if you are usually in constant or regular contact.

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One such services is phone2phone which allows its users to make free calls to any number for 10 minutes for the first time and then any more calls to the same number is limited to 5 minutes. You will first need to dial an access number local to your area and then the number of the person you are wishing to call. The only thing is that you will have to contend with advertisements.

Skype is another great way of how to call Nigeria for free from any part of the world. Skype will allow you to make free unlimited international calls from PC to PC. First, you will need to have a good PC with high-speed internet connection. You will have to download Skype for free, install it in your PC and then sign up. The person you wish to call must also go through the same process. The limitation of Skype is the fact that you can only call from PC to PC and to mobile phones or landlines.

A better option that seems to offer more flexibility is Rebtel. With this app, you can save your contacts in Nigeria in a list. The list will shows an icon against the contact of another Rebtel user. You can make unlimited calls to their PC and mobiles absolutely free of charge. To make the most out of this, get the people you are calling to install Rebtel on their mobiles.


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