Call Me If You Are Alive And Healthy – Gov. Fayose Dares Buhari


Governor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has challenged President Muhammadu Buhari to call him from London to prove his health status.

Fayose gave out his mobile number, challenging Buhari to call him personally as that is the only way to convince Nigerians that he is indeed hale and hearty as claimed.

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Buhari flew to the United Kingdom on January 19 with a promise to be back after two weeks. However, Mr. president extended his stay indefinitely on the basis of needing more time to heal.

While in London, President Buhari has been said to hold a phone call conversation with members of his political party, the All Progressives Congress.

Recall that in February, President Buhari also held a phone call conversation with President Donald Trump of the United State. Buhari has also communicated with the King of Morocco and the president of the African Union all in a bid to prove he is alive, strong and kicking.

Call me – Fayose Insists

Ayo Fayose, Fayose's Removal
Gov Ayo Fayose

However, Governor Ayo Fayose is not convinced with all the reported telephone conversations and physical visits to Buhari at the Abuja House in London by APC leaders. He emphasizes that all of those are not enough proof that all is well with the President’s health and that Nigerians need a more trusted witness to tell them the health status of their president.

In a statement released by Fayose’s Chief Press Secretary, Idowu Adelusi, he said he is the only credible person who can convince Nigerians that Buhari is well.

He said:

“If their problem is that they are looking for a credible person who can help them convince Nigerians that all is well with our President, I’m their best bet.

“Let the president speak with me. If I tell Nigerians that the president spoke with me, Nigerians will believe. 

“Since they are eager for the president to speak to people; believing in this way to convince Nigerians that their President is hale and hearty, let president Buhari talk to me. I can be reached on 08035024994. I am credible and Nigerians will believe me.

“They said he spoke to President Donald Trump; despite the hype, Nigerians were skeptical. Then they said he spoke to the king of Morocco; again, Nigerians were suspicious. Before we recovered from that, it is now the AU president that they said President Buhari spoke to.”

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Fayose added that instead of speaking to outsiders and sending his aides to, by all means, convince Nigerians that he is healthy, Buhari should address the people who elected him to office physically if he can not call him directly on a live call.

Meanwhile, a recent report states that President Buhari will be returning to Nigeria sooner than anticipated as he has a need to complete the change he promised.

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President Buhari is said to be returning any moment from now to fix Nigeria.

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