Burna Boy Reunites With His Music Producer, LeriQ


Music is like a flower that only blossoms in the right atmosphere. For Burna Boy, it seems his old time friend and music producer, LeriQ, has the best atmosphere in terms of beat making and sound production, that can make Burna Boy’s music blossom.  After two years of trying to make it without his backbone producer, report has it that Burna Boy has returned to his first love, ace Producer, LeriQ.

Burna Boy met LeriQ in Port-Harcourt where the duo worked together on the singer’s first album, “Burn Identity,” before making it together through Burna’s successful second album “L.I.F.E.” Music fans can testify to the fact that “Burn Identity” made Burna Boy famous, thanks to his amazing Akwa-IBom born producer.

Burna Boy was the brawn while LeriQ was the brain behind it all. With the creative skills of the producer, Burna Boy grew from a hustling singer to an international artiste, with his songs booming in clubs and on the airwaves.

Burna Boy’s Producer LeriQ
However, things went sore in 2014 when Burna Boy’s contract with Aristokrat Records expired. Burna Boy left the Record Label and since LeriQ was also signed to the same label, the duo could not work together. Although Burna Boy had some personal issues with LeriQ which led to exchange of words and enmity, the partners went their separate ways.
After Burna Boy left Aristokrat Records, he tried to spread his wings with several songs but non made waves as it lacked the “Leriqal touch.” Worse so, the artiste was beginning to loose his musical feel and his name started declining as fans kept waiting for more hits which never came.
Burna Boy
Burna Boy and LeriQ
But a tweet has brought hope to his fans who did not give up on the talented singer. The Duo is back! LeriQ shared a video of Burna Boy listening to a new music which was Trap fusion. LeriQ obviously cooked the beat and had Burna Boy do his thing on it. This is a good sign that the partnership is back. Burna Boy is finally making music with LeriQ again, and the potential good music to come out of them leaves many hearts pumping with delight. First love never dies.
Fans are already anticipating Burna Boy’s next album, and on the short-term, his next single would drop. You can be sure of the futuristic and experimental sounds of LeriQ giving a launching pad for Burna Boy. This is good for LeriQ, Burna  Boy, and for the Nigerian entertainment industry.
This great reunion of Burna Boy and his music producer, LeriQ, is the best thing to happen to good music this season in Nigeria.

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