Buratai Can’t Stop The Actualization Of Biafra – MASSOB


The Movement for the Actualization of Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB, has said it cannot be deterred by the threat of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt Gen Buratai. The Army Chief had  recently said that not during his life time will Nigeria disintegrate.

Buratai had insisted that the agitation for the state of Biafra would not be successful in the present era and not even in the four millennia to come.

Reacting to Buratai’s comment, the Uchenna Madu led group maintained that such statement credited to the Army chief cannot stop its seccession drive.

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In a statement signed by its National Secretary, Comrade Ibem Ugwuoke Ibem, MASSOB likened Buratai’s comments to what the leaders of India said before tbe country broke up leading to the creation of Pakistan.

The separatist group urged “Hausa – Fulani apologists like Buratai” to refrain from speaking against the emergence of Biafra.

Ibem said:

 “The comments of Buratai and his cohorts cannot stop us. We are already in the match. Nothing can deter us.”

“What does one expect from one employed by one’s master? Buratai overzealousness to satisfy his master (The Presidency) wills always overshadows him.”

“I can liken Buratai’s comments to those spoken by leaders of Indonesia before their country broke into two and East Timor was created.”

“ I still maintain that Biafra will soon emerge out of Nigeria.”

Buratai had earlier told Biafra agitators and others who want to destabilize the country that they would not succeed as the Nigerian Army and other security agencies were ready to protect the nation from disintegration.

Buratai said:

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“Those individuals and groups that are bent on destablising our country I think they have to wait till may be the next three or four millennium for them to do that.”

“That is if may be the next generation of officers and men will allow them at all.”

“Having been given the Millennium Hero award, I want to call on all the agitators for separation and other acts of distabilisation, they better forget it, not in this era, not in this millennium,’’

The army chief assured that insurgency and terrorism were now at the beginning of their end.