Buhari’s Death: Ghanaian Prophet Reveals Dreadful Prophecy About Nigeria’s President


At a time when several other men of God have predicted Buhari’s death across Nigeria in addition to the fueling rumours of his death in the past week, a Ghanaian based prophet has also joined in predicting the death of the Nigerian President.

Prophet Isaac Owusu Bempah, of the Glorious Word Ministry International, in one of his 17 prophecies for 2017 titled; “Pray to Avert Them” predicted President Buhari’s death as well as the deaths of a former President, a former first lady and a ‘great king’ in Ghana.

The cleric also prophesied clash between Christians and Muslims, a terrorist attack in the country and a coup d’etat. Hear his prophecies:

Hear his prophecies:

  • Death of a former president
  • Death of a former first lady
  • Coup d’etat in Ghana
  • Death of Nigeria’s president
  • Terrorist attack in Ghana
  • Death of several young men and women
  • Important personalities in parliament will die
  • Many people will be kidnapped
  • Innocent blood will be shed in a particular political party
  • Increase in occult practices
  • Americans will go for war
  • More Muslim/Christian clashes this year
  • A great king will die
  • Another plane crash in Ghana
  • Fire outbreaks in important offices in Ghana
  • More celebrities (Actors, musicians and media practitioners) in Ghana to die
  • NDC to stay in opposition for 16 years.
Prophet Owusu Bempah
Prophet Owusu Bempah

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Recall that a Nigerian Pastor, Prophet Emmanuel Chukwudi, of King of Kings Deliverance Church, Asaba, Delta State, in his prophecies for 2017 claimed that President Muhammadu Buhari’s health will fail him and he “shall go the way of all men”, towards the end of 2019, among many other prophecies.

Meanwhile, following the rumours that have been making the rounds on Buhari’s death for more than a week now, Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, has stated that President Buhari cannot be coerced to address the nation to quell rumors of his death.

Speaking in an interview with CNBC Africa on Thursday, Mr. Adesina said:

“The President is in London on vacation. He is not in any hospital and he is not ill.

“When he was traveling last week, the statement we put out was that he was going on vacation and during the vacation, he would do his routine medical check-up and nothing has changed from what we pushed out last week.

“If anybody has fed something else into the rumour mill, that is just what it is- a rumour. The fact that he is a President, he still has his rights. Compelling him to come out and talk will be infringing on his rights.

“The president will talk if he wishes to. If he doesn’t wish to, nobody will compel him to talk. The truth is that the president is on vacation and he has given a date on which he will return to work.”

Media statistics have however revealed that the phrase – ‘Is Buhari dead?’ has become the most searched online item on Nigerian platforms this week, making President Buhari the most popular Nigerian personality online in the past two weeks.

On Saturday, January 21, over 100,000 people searched for information about Buhari’s death with the phrase, ‘Is Buhari dead’ on Google and at least 5,000 people still search the subject daily.

President Buhari departed Nigeria on Thursday, January 19 for a two-week vacation in London where he would undergo medical check-ups. Vice President Yemi Osinbajo is acting in his stead till February 6, when Buhari resumes office.

Although the presidency has denied reports on Buhari’s death, Nigerians are not totally convinced until they see their president back in the country in one piece.

In the same vein, National Chairman of the All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), Dr. Ike Oye, has called on Nigerians to pray for the safety of President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Dr. Oye urged Nigerians to always support their leaders and prayed that “Buhari will not die until he fulfills his destiny,” adding those fighting the President are only fighting Nigeria’s destiny.