Buhari Would Be Making His Biggest Mistake If He Probes Jonathan – Babatope


A lot of Nigerians are not happy about Ex-president Jonathan’s administration. More so, most are saddened by the present administration of Muhamadu Buhari’s, especially, with the persistent corruption war and severe probings of politicians who stole Federal Government funds.

A PDP Board of Trustees member, Chief Ebenezer Babatope, has urged the Buhari-led FG not to probe Goodluck Jonathan. He said that doing so would be the gravest mistake Buhari would ever make, as that would directly humiliate the leader of his opposing party, the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

Babatope also said that those people who are so interested in Buhari probing Jonathan, are Nigeria’s worse enemies. He added that the only way Jonathan’s probing would be necessary is when it becomes crystal clear that he looted Nigeria’s purse and several thefts are traced to him. However, he mentioned that currently, there hasn’t been such incident so the former president should not be probed.

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“Jonathan should not be probed unless it becomes brazenly open that a lot of thefts are traced to him, but for now nothing has been traced to him.”

“The late sage, Pa Obafemi Awolowo, said you must not humiliate your leadership. When you decide to humiliate your leadership, it is not Jonathan that you’re humiliating, it is your values that you are casting aspersions on.

“Those calling for the probe of Jonathan are enemies of this country. Whoever is spearheading the probe may be digging his political grave. Have they found him guilty?

“All the noise we have been hearing is about the security vote. Buhari embarked on such a probe during his first coming as a military leader when he threw all manner of Nigerian leaders into jail.”

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