Buhari Wants Nigeria To Produce Nobel Laureate In Sciences & Technology


President Muhammadu Buhari has tasked the National Research and Innovation Council, NRIC, to deepen scientific research in Nigeria, with determination to produce Nigerian Nobel laureates in sciences.

He made the call on Thursday, January 7 at the State House during his first meeting with the National Research and Innovation Council (NIRC) which was inaugurated on February 18th, 2014.

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According to President Buhari, his administration’s goals of securing the nation, growing the economy, creating jobs and fighting crime can best be achieved if science and technology is embraced.

Mr. President expressed hope that NIRC would focus more on acquiring esteemed positions and prizes in the world of science, than merely producing scientific publications.

In the President’s statement released by the State house press:

“I am aware that Nigeria must accord high priority to Science and Technology if it must take it rightful place among the leading economies in the modern world. Nigeria’s vision of becoming one of the twenty largest economies in the world by the year 2020 is only attainable when Science, Technology and Innovation are fully integrated into our national socio-economic development process. That process will now be fast tracked with the coming on board of this Council.

I wish to assure this Council of my determination and commitment to ensure that as a nation, we will invest appropriately in Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in order to guarantee our competitiveness in the Continent and around the Globe. Our goal to secure our nation, grow our economy, create jobs and fight crime can best be achieved if we embrace science and technology.

It is my fervent hope that our research and innovation output should be measured by number of intellectual property such as patents granted and not only by the number of articles published in scholarly journals.

By this action, Nigeria will become a centre of discoveries, inventions and innovation in all fields of science and technology. Before long we should be in a position to produce Nobel Laureates in the sciences,” the president stated.

President Buhari also noted that the NRIC is designed to accelerate the growth of innovation-based entrepreneurship in the country and to create conditions for the commercialization of current and future research findings in our universities and research institutes.

Mr President said the government had structured the NRIC to provide for the establishment of a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) consisting of technocrats from the various fields to ensure a full implementation of resolutions of the council.

He expressed the government’s support for the NRIC and asked for collective effort by members of the body to ensure the actualization of its objectives.

Source: Premium Times and Green News