Buhari vs Jonathan’s Family Pictures – You Be the Judge!


The presidential election is fast drawing close and the country’s two most popular presidential candidates are both trying to connect more with the majority of the populace as they campaign for votes.

There are a lot of factors that determine how Nigerians decide on who they would vote for but while you make your decision in the midst of all the noise and political frenzy surrounding the upcoming 2015 general elections, here is a sneak peek into the gorgeous families of the 2 famous presidential candidates: Gen Buhari and President Jonathan and who knows, you might just change your mind after seeing these lovely pictures from both families.

Safina Buhari with her Children
Safina Buhari with her Children
Mohammed Sheriff and wife, Halima Buhari's daughter
Mohammed Sheriff and wife, Halima Buhari’s daughter

Gen Buhari 6

Halima Buhari Sheriff and Daughter

Gen Buhari's Family
Gen Buhari’s Family

Gen Buhari 5

Aisha Buhari

Gen Buhari 7

Gen Buhari 4

Aisha Buhari 2

Gen Buhari 2