President Muhammadu Buhari Returns To Nigeria Amidst Tight Security [Photos]


President Muhammadu Buhari returns to Nigeria. The president who has been on a 51-day medical vacation is back in the country.

Reports say the President arrived Nigeria at about 4 a.m. on Friday morning. However, due to the closure of the Abuja airport, President Buhari’s plane landed at the Kaduna airport.

He was then transported from Kaduna to the Presidential Villa in Abuja in a helicopter.

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President Buhari, before his return to Abuja received the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, Most Revd. Rt Hon Justin Welby in the Abuja House in London.

Buhari who looked very frail received his guest whilst seated. Buhari returns to Nigeria after and extended 51-day medical vacation.


His absence from the country had stirred controversy and several rumors of his supposed death in some quarters.

President Buhari posted about his first and only non-Nigerian guest since arriving the UK for a 10-day medical check-up which turned out to be a 51-day medical vacation on his verified Twitter account.

He posted:




Meanwhile, international business website, The Economist has asked Buhari to leave the nation’s economy in the hands of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo.

Osinbajo has been Acting President since Buhari extended his leave with a letter to the Senate mandating Osinbajo to act in his stead .

The Economist in the article on their website claim Nigeria’s economy has grown significantly since VP Osinbajo began acting.

Buhari Returns To Nigeria Without Fanfare

According to the report, with Buhari in London, the country’s economic stewardship has, “improved a bit.”

Throwing a jab at Buhari’s leadership style and economic policy stance, the article further claims that Acting President Osinbajo’s economic policy has stirred foreign investor confidence.

The Federal Government under Osinbajo’s watch has allowed a modest devaluation and started on reforms aimed at boosting growth.

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The Economist believes that with Osinbajo in charge of the economy, the country might see positive outcomes and further improvements in the economy.

On corruption and security, President Buhari has made some progress, but has however, failed woefully on the economy.

The Economist has advised Buhari to leave the economy for Osinbajo to handle, while he focuses on providing leadership, security and fighting corruption which they say he ‘does best’.

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