Buhari, West-African Presidents To Convince Jammeh To Concede


Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari will tomorrow make a trip to The Gambia to convince Jammeh (Gambian President) to relinquish power.

Buhari will be side-by-side with other West African leaders to make the move.

The West African leaders are making the journey to convince Jammeh in a forestall a political crisis in the tiny West African nation.

This is coming as a result of incumbent president Yahya Jammeh’s refusal to accept election results after earlier conceding defeat.

Jammeh was defeated at the polls by a former estate agent, Adama Barrow.

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The report was revealed by a senior government official who spoke to the BBC on the condition of anonymity.

The official revealed:

“I understand that the leaders will meet Mr. Jammeh to try to convince him to honour his initial pledge to give up power.

“They will also meet Mr Barrow who has said he is concerned about his safety.

“And has called on the international community to put pressure on Mr Jammeh to step down immediately.

Official results of the votes cast on December 1 as released by the electoral commission declare that Mr. Barrow polled 222,708 votes (43.3%), Mr. Jammeh polled 208,487 (39.6%), while a third-party candidate, Mama Kandeh, polled 89,768 (17.1%).

On Friday night, the fate of the Gambian presidency took an unexpected twist when the long serving incumbent announced his rejection of ekection results on state television.


Jammeh in his announcement called for new elections to be held while rejecting the results of last week’s vote that ousted him.

President Yahya Jammeh who sat in front of microphones and in-between two flags,  accused the electoral body of voter irregularities.

West-African Leaders Convince Jammeh To Relinquish Power

He claimed transposed numbers in tabulations, missing numbers and other claims cast a doubt on the results of the election that Adama Barrow won.

He said in his speech:

“I hereby reject the results in totality.

“I will not accept the results.”

Mr. Jammeh who has been in office for the past 22 years first came to power during a coup. said he wanted “fresh and transparent elections, which will be officiated by a God-fearing and independent electoral commission.”

The incumbent said he wanted “fresh and transparent elections, which will be officiated by a God-fearing and independent electoral commission.”

Last week, thousands of Gambians took to the streets in celebration after Mr. Jammeh lost in the presidential elections.

Known for a repressive and eccentric regime criticized by human rights groups and many Western governments, Jammeh appeared on state television to concede defeat.

He heartily congratulated Mr. Barrow after the Dec. 1 vote.

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In addition to outlandish claims that he could cure AIDS with prayer, a concoction of herbs and a banana, Mr. Jammeh was notorious for jailing opponents.

This year, at least two of his detained opponents have died in prison.

He has also been carrying out so-called witch hunts, saying that gay people should be beheaded.

In Gambia, the smallest country in African, many were stunned that a man who once predicted he would rule a billion years would concede power so easily.

It now appears that Jammeh may not relinquish power after all.


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