Buhari’s Face Reflects How Hungry And Tired The Economy Is – Cossy Orjiakor Says


Nigerians who feel that Cossy Ojiakor crossed the boundary of her freedom of speech by insulting the President Muhammadu Buhari have visited her with a healthy dose of hostility on social media.

Yesterday, the large-breasted actress shared the photo of President Buhari and Gambia’s Yahya Jammeh with a caption that caught the attention of many people. She wrote:

“Our president is representing us well… Just looking at him….. his features reflects just how hungry and tired the Nigerian economy is. Pls pray for him to add just a little weight so he can look more handsome and maybe our economy will get better and more robust. Hahahaha just jokes ooo.”

Although she closed off the note with a claim that she was simply making bants, many Nigerians on Instagram found nothing funny with the caption. While many called her out for being insensitive and lacking respect, a lot more have pointed out her ignorance.

Cossy Ojiakor had never been one to make commentaries with regards to politics; her trademark includes baring her boobs on Independence Day, and urging folks to see sex as a palliative to poverty. Now, she is making a daring statement and many people aren’t finding that funny.

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See some reactions below:

@Kettlekeys: He’s Someones Dad, Uncle, Brother, Grandfather Etc..Where Are Your Manners Making Jokes Of An Elder? Says A Lot About How You Were Brought Up. And Not That Alone Hes Our Leader, Thanks To Those Who Voted So He Be (S)elected. Hes To Busy To Pay Attention But Karma Is A Bitch, What Goes Around Defo Comes Around…You Are Going To Get Yours! I Cant Imagine You Being A Leader Of Any Sort Still, Hahahaha Jus Jokes(In Your Own Voice).

@talabijamiu: That’s too much of a joke. No matter what we should respect our leaders.

Buhari's Face Reflects The Hunger In Nigeria– Cossy Ojiakor
Buhari’s Face Reflects The Hunger In Nigeria– Cossy Ojiakor


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