GoodNews! Buhari Extracts Promises From USA That Will Benefit Nigeria


President Muhammadu Buhari’s recent visit to the United States of America has yielded high expectations from the USA who have made promises to trace and extradite all stolen funds worth billions of dollars.

He had visited President Barack Obama in Washington DC for the distinct purpose of strengthen the bond between Nigeria and the United States. Due to inability of past governments to investigate corruptions and human rights abuses by the Nigerian military during the Boko Haram upsurge, there has been a slight discord between both countries.

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But for the zealous dedication of the present administration to fight corruption head on, the US had not only promised to help the country fight corruption and Boko Haram, but also ensed on their promises and willingingness to partner with Nigeria to make her an anchor of prosperity and stability in the eastern part of the continent, as well as an outstanding role model for other developing countries around the globe.

Buhari meets Obama

President Buhari had paid a first visit to Obama at Washington DC, shortly after his election into office last year July, 2015. Obama had commended him for his clear agenda on fighting corrupt in Nigeria – an obstacle which had held back the growth of the country’s economy over the years.

He has been making a rendezvous visits to many developed countries in the world that are economically linked to Nigeria – countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and USA – as a means to improve the association Nigeria has with these countries and possibly earn their various supports for the nation and his own administration.

On his first visit to the US, Obama welcomed Buhari and his delegation at the Oval office where he acknowledged Nigeria as one of the important countries in the world and in the African continent.

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Obama pointed out that the election which enthroned Buhari as President was an affirmation of Nigeria’s commitment to democracy.

According to him, Buhari came into office with a reputation for integrity and a very clear agenda, which is to make sure that he is bringing safety and security and peace to his country.