If You Can’t Stand the Heat, Drop Out of School – Brymo to Fan


Ironically, most school drop outs eventually become rich at the long run. According to Brymo, school is not meant for everyone. The Nigerian pop, afrobeat singer advised a fan who tweeted him asking for money to pay for his school fees, telling him to drop out of school.

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The fan, by name Young Pablo, must have been going through some challenges as he took to social media to beg for money. He asked Brymo to assist him with the sum of N65,000 to pay his fees. Unfortunately, Young Pablo was asked to drop out if he could not afford school anymore. Brymo’s comment has caused a lot of controversial comments as other fans blast him for being rude to a fan in need.

“@Brymolawale, Please sir kindly help me with anything you have I need to pay for my tuition fee which is 65, 000. Please shower mercy on me,” Young Pablo solicited.

Brymo’s reply would have send electric jolts down Young Pablos’ spine.

Brymo School
He went ahead to drive home his point by posting several other messages on twitter.

“Sometimes I think about life, where I have come from, my failures and triumphs . . . It’s all a lesson, that I must unlearn and then learn again. In a world where failure is certain, and bridges are always burning. Why can’t we all find heaven together, be everything to each other.

“Dropping out helped me find myself, it is why I am one of Nigeria’s finest musicians of all time today. I can advice you to leave school. This is why there are so many schooled people and very few educated ones. Misplaced priorities is why society is struggling, we are pretending.

“At least I learnt a new word today “advise,” thanks. But school is not for everyone, some of us must provide the content of your textbooks.” 

According to the reactions from people all over social media, in as much as Brymo was giving out his heartfelt opinion to someone in need, it could have been said in a more diplomatic way.

Brymo drop out

Meanwhile, like he mentioned, Brymo is a school drop out. After attending Aganju Aka Primary School and later enrolled at Japual Primary School, he got admission to study Zoology at Lagos State University (LASU).

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However, he dropped out because his father was not being able to pay his school fees anymore. He ventured into music and so far has been doing very well in the industry, under his once disputed Record label, Chocolate City.