See Brothers Who Grew Up To Become Beautiful Women {Photos}


Stories of people transitioning from one gender to the other in today’s world is fast becoming ‘normal’.

Two brothers who had always loved dressing up in skirts and playing with dolls when they were kids have now transitioned into transgender sisters.

But for years the brothers, Jamie and Daniel O’Herlihy, did not let anyone know, not even each other, how much they were struggling living as men.

They eventually opened up to each other and found out they were going through the same gender battle. Jamie, 23, who kept her birth name, and Chloe, 20, who used to be called Daniel, said it was amazing to be able to help each other.

Daily Mail quoted Jamie, who is a bartender in Dublin, to have said:

“It was a huge relief for me when Chloe told me because I felt like we were in it together,’ said Jamie, who is a bartender in Dublin. ‘We had always been in it together from the start but we just didn’t realise.

“I don’t feel either of us has influenced the other, we were born this way. But I do think it’s amazing that we’re on this journey together. Chloe is my greatest supporter and doing it together has helped us both”.

Jamie explained that many of their childhood memories are of dressing up with T-shirts on their heads, to pretend they had long hair, or wearing them as skirts. But they ‘kept it as our secret’, when they got to school and realised others did not do the same .

Jamie came out as gay at the age of 14 and Chloe followed two years later, aged 13. At 16, Jamie started doing a drag act in gay bars.

“I realised how comfortable I felt dressed up. It’s a cliché to say “I always knew” but I did and I just kept pushing it to the back of my mind”.

Meanwhile Chloe grew out her hair and started wearing make-up. She said: “I was always one of the girls”.

Both transgender sisters suffered from anxiety and depression as they struggled in silence. They finally discussed their feelings last August at the family home in Cork, before coming out to friends and family. Jamie said:

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“I looked at Chloe and just thought ‘you look so feminine and gorgeous’. I asked ‘Do you think you’re transgender?’ She said: ‘Yes I might be’, and I said: ‘I think I am too’. It was very emotional for both of us. We sat and talked for hours and since then we’ve supported each other”.

Chloe added: “We talk a lot about our transition and it is great to have each other. We know exactly how each other feels.’ The sisters, who have different fathers, are now preparing to start female hormone replacement therapy and plan to have gender reassignment surgery”.

See their pictures below:

Jamie (Right) and Daniel (Left) Before Their Transition

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Transgender Sisters, Jamie And Chloe

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