Brits Frantically Googling “What Is The EU ?” After BREXIT Vote


After the historic vote by Britons to leave the European Union, Tech giants Google have reported receiving various interesting queries since the brexit vote results were released. Top among trending queries is the question “what is the EU?”

Its looking increasingly obvious that many Britons may not even know what they had actually voted for. The confusion over what the Brexit vote might mean for the country’s economy appears to have been reflected across the United Kingdom on Thursday as stocks plummeted in response as investors became uncertain about the future.

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Google reported sharp upticks in searches not only related to the ballot measure but also about basic questions concerning the implications of the vote.

At about 1 a.m. Eastern time, about eight hours after the polls closed, Google reported that searches for “what happens if we leave the EU” have more than tripled.

Google also reports one of the top questions asked by UK users since the Brexit referendum results were released is “what is the EU?” Search interest in the British pound is at its highest level ever.

Twitter says some 6.4 million tweets were sent in the UK from the opening of polls Thursday through British Prime Minister David Cameron’s resignation speech Friday.

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Britons voted 52% in favour of leaving the EU yesterday, with a 72% turnout, causing the FTSE 100 to plunge 8%. While some suggest markets will ease, some voters are already suggesting they regretted their vote for the ‘Leave’ campaign.

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Its been reported that across various interviews on British Television stations, Britons who voted to leave the European Union are in shock and really didn’t believe their votes will count. Some have confessed that they did not fully grasp the import of the actions they took.