See Why British And American English Are Spelled Differently 


You might not have thought about this, but have you ever noticed the spelling difference between British And American English before?

If so, have you ever wondered why they share similar meaning but different spellings? For instance, do words like; ‘Centre’ and ‘Center’ ring a bell?

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Even the computer we use would mark words like ‘colour’ as a typographical error, but that’s because the computer has been programmed to recognize just the American English as ‘color’

America attributed these differences to Noah Webster. It is said that when America gained independence from Britain, Webster decided to simplify what he considered as unreasonable spellings that were handed down by their colonial masters – the British.

By making his own dictionary, Webster removed silent letters so that words like ‘determine’ can be spelled as determin; ‘soup’ as ‘soop,’ of course these two words – like many others were never accepted but that was the beginning of how some Britain’s words-spelling were changed.

Subsequently, other words like lustre (British) is spelled luster (American). However, the British basically scorned American ways and maintained their ways of spelling English words, causing we – adopters of the Universal language to wonder if this is a power feud between the two countries or just a natural problem of pronunciation, that is, mother-tongue.

These words are not necessarily so different from the each other except that America removed a single alphabet to differentiate theirs from the British English spelling.

British English vs American English

UK                     vs                  America 

Accessorise                           Accessorize

Jeweller                                Jeweler

Aeroplane                             Airplane

Honour                                 Honor

Almanack                             Almanac

Aluminium                          Aluminum

Offence                                 Offense

Analogue                               Analog

Behaviour                             Behavior

Categorise                            Categorize

Draught                                Draft

Gynaecology                        Gynecology

Inflexion                               Inflection

Judgement                           Judgment

Maximisation                      Maximization

Plough                                  Plow

Praesidium                          Presidium

Primaeval                            Primeval

Pyjamas                               Pajamas

Quarrelled                          Quarreled

Rancour                               Rancor

Practically all UK and America’s English words are spelled differently. Now the theology here could be that the latter country might have wondered why the British should make words spellings so complicated and decided to change it to soothe their own way of pronouncing words of the English language.

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Maybe Nigeria can do the same, or we rather focus on developing our country first then we’ll see. Share your opinion by leaving us your comments.