We Have Nothing To Do With Biafra Agitations – British High Commissioner


The British High Commissioner to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright has clearly dissociated the British authorities from the agitation for the state of Biafra.

Speaking in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital on Friday when he visited the speaker of the state house of assembly, the envoy said Britain is in support of the unity of Nigeria and also supports the Nigerian government.

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He said Nigeria is important to Britain and that his country strongly believes in one Nigeria.

“We have nothing to do with any agitation aimed at the break-up of Nigeria. We strongly support the unity of Nigeria. We strongly support the Federal Government and that is the position the British government has held consistently.

“So, we have absolutely no interest in stirring up any agitation and anybody who claims that the British government is involved in any way in any of that is completely wrong.”

Paul Arkwright described Nigeria’s democratic situation as delicate but commended efforts at upholding democratic tenets and keeping the flame of democracy alive.

map of Biafra nation
Biafra map

Similarly, France, an ally of defunct Biafra in 1967, had similarly denounced any further step to actualise the secession of South East from Nigeria.

The country said that such a move had been overtaken by events and no longer in support of break-up of any part of Nigeria.

France’s Ambassador to Nigeria, Denys Gauer, said his country would not in any way work with any group agitating for the dismemberment of Nigeria.

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He said France was working with Nigeria and supporting it as a country. He also spoke against the backdrop of France’s previous support for Biafra during Nigeria’s civil war.

Gauer pointed out that Nigeria has evolved since the civil war.

France has been cooperating with the country to overcome its challenges, especially the fight against the insurgency.

Meanwhile, the President of the Arewa Youth Coalition, Yarima Shettima, says the group is reviewing its stand on the quit notice issued to Igbo living in the north.

Shettima in an interview with Tribune commended the reaction of the Ohanaeze and other Igbo leaders to the call for secession by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB).

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“The steps taken by the governors are commendable. One, we have since expected the governors to do what they are doing now. Nevertheless, it is better late than never for.

“What the Ohanaeze and other organisations that came out to denounce the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are doing is commendable.

“We are also reviewing our own situation. We are going to have a meeting soon with other leaders of the coalition and come out with a clear position of things and what we intend to do in order to move forward.”

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