Video: Bride-To-Be Stabbed To Death By House Boy Out Of Greed In Lagos


A 33-year old woman, Dayo Adeleke has had her life cut shot by a house boy who stabbed her to death at her home in Parkview estate Lagos.

The soon to be bride was reportedly killed on Tuesday night, December 20 after the house boy, William Smith who’s also her cook pierced a knife through her chest. According to news posted on social media by a former member of the Presidential Advisory Committee On National Conference, Tony Ipriye Uranta, the houseboy had asked for increase in salary, but the victim refused, saying she can not afford the wage increase.

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Miss Adeleke was also set to get married come 2017 since she was already engaged,but unfortunately, death came knocking.

Uranta wrote:

“Dayo Adeleke killed by their houseboy yesterday evening in park view…..He asked for money for the month increase and she said she didn’t have. She sent him for food from Astoria he came back and put a knife deep in her chest in anger.” 

It was further revealed that the deceased found the houseboy, a Cameroonian refugee, living in a church and decided to help by giving him accommodation and a job. Investigation conducted also shows that the houseboy actually posted a dance video same day he murdered his boss. See the video below:

Dance Pop R&B

A video posted by smith (@william_smith1059) on

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While Nigerians expressed their sympathy, they also opinionated that house helps should be kept at arm’s length to avoid too much familiarity which is believed to breed contempt. This is a sad case of pure ingratitude of man towards the hand that fed him. Not even a dog will betray its master.