Bread Seller Turned Model, Olajumoke, Gets New Luxury Apartment


It’s been favor all the way for Nigeria’s newest model from the street, Olajumoke Orisaguna. Her sudden rise from a bread seller, who had nothing, to the bread winner of her family, has been tremendous within the past few weeks.  A lot of people are excited about this newly discovered model and there are a lot of lessons to grab from her dramatic turn around from grass to grace – it’s not by power nor by might. Jumoke’s good fortunes has attracted a lot of top brands who have taken the opportunity to lend their support to the model as part of their corporate responsibility.

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Last week, Olajumoke was featured in an interview on CNN where she expressed her utmost feeling about her rise and new status. The 27-year old mother of two, who can only speak her local dialect, Yoruba, has now added a newly furnished luxury apartment in Lagos to her list of achievements. This offer was given to Jumoke in the presence of her husband by Sujimoto Construction Limited, in addition to an enrollment into the Poise Finishing School.


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The Poise school will go a long way in helping her learn and improve her English language. As a model, she needs to have an aura and something classy about her. She would require to make a lot of public appearances that will involve her making some public speeches, so her language needs improvement. To help her in this, she was also given an opportunity to undergo proficiency lessons in English grammar and communication to enhance her development. Her life is currently beaming with a lot of exciting moments and more tales of possibilities.