You’re Not Fit To Be Called A BF If You Can’t Drop Your ATM Card For Your Gf To Flex For A Week – Lady Says


A young Nigerian lady who goes by the Facebook name, Christiana Ada, took to her page on the social media platform to publicly call out her boyfriend… and probably boyfriends of other ladies, saying that guys are not “Boyfriend” enough if they can’t give out their ATM card and pin to their girlfriends to flex the weekend as they like.

She wrote:

“Boyfriend that cant give you his Atm card and pin to flex with his account for just one week, Is that one a boyfriend?”

The post as expected has generated a lot of buzz with many people out-rightly opposing the young lady. See some comments below:

@Semilore Daniel Foluwake: Girlfriend dat can open her mouth to say I should give her my ATM pin to flex with it…is dat one girlfriend???
Can u imagine how this is girl is just opening her mouth and closing it like “toll gate”?

@Itz Jaypstar:  17years old doesn’t know what d world is saying everybody is thinking of makin his or her own money u r looking for a boy to pour ur family problems on I pray make u no follow money enter alhaji room!

@Chelsea Smart Smart: What’s dere to have someone’s pin, its all about trust, some girls abuse the trust given to them by their boyfriend or fiance,, e.g withdrawing money from there to buy something without asking,, I keep my man’s ATM card and I have the pin as well, DAT doesn’t give me privilege to use it without his concert, I even have my boss own and even go home with till date (THATS TRUST). so any guy that can’t trust his woman with his ATM pin there must be a reason, no amount of money in there can compare to the love u both share,, LADIES AMEND UR WAYS AND TRUST ME UR MAN WILL SEE U AS HIS ALL AND HE WILL TRUST U WITH HIS LIFE,, u don’t expect a guy that loves u and is also aware of ur dirty character in chasing men to trust u with anything most especially his ATM PIN shey u won dupe am nii…

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@Micah Rachael: Mumu, u no fit work?? Go and work and give someone ur ATM card and pin so that you’ll know the sweetness in it, when you’re supposed to be facing ur books, u are here talking trash, gold diggers. Nonsense!

@Tioluwafikayomi Asj: She must be a chip from a old block maybe the mother is ‘owo epo’ she married the father cos of money now she had brain washed the daughter too. My dear i’ill advise you to face your studies to be a better person instead of looking guy who will give his atm pin. If you work hard you’ll have your money without depending on another man’s wallet. So get sense before it’s too late. Alabe lahon

@Ajao Adedoyin Christiana: U try, if my brother try am penren na thunder go lash him bombom..he. O gt responsibility abi..u no even sey wife..girlfriend even me cannot demand for such abeg…and at ur age am sure u just finished secondary school u better fill ur brain with reasonable things than boyfriend at ur age

@Aribo Francis: U people are getting d girl wrong, d girl is trying to get help. After all u read online when a 9years boy said he wants to be a yahoo & people donate money so that he can go to private school. So d mother of dis teenage girl sold an idea to her to bring up boyfriend & ATM issue so DAT people will discourage her & assist her with money 4 jamb & sponsor her education in d university. “Give urself brain”

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@Prince Orikaezenaedo Tony: I’m not suprise about the age we’re in a computer age children of nowadays are very smart even more than some adults but what I dont understand is why she need the ATM card pin just for only flexing for one week….someone need to ask d little girl her reasons and where exactly she will start the flexing from… she need a counsellor because if the case of d girl isn’t properly follow up she might end up stealing atm card one day and get herself into trouble….
For her to utter such statement she’s not as little as people may think she has gone far…

@Christine Abode: Parents should please put eye on their kids…pls. The rate at which teenagers are getting rotten and spoilt these days is too high. Abeg make una watch una younger ones. Imagine what’s coming out from d mouth of a kid like her. What does she know abt boyfriend and ATM? Mtcheeeeew

@Ijaya J Smart: Funny well maybe her mentality or d way she said it not to flex wit d ATM card but having it or knowing d pin is not a bad idea mine knows my pin and also I do drop it for her incase she want to order or buy things but trust me she always ask me first before she use it despite dat it’s wit her or not she will ask and if I should say No and dats it. . She won’t border do it’s depend on wat level d relationship is and d type of person she is..

@Oyigodo Friday Ocheje: Imeadiately i read the post, the teenager mouth is smelling me for what she say. But i most ask her my own question “Q1. how many weeks have she gave her guy her own ATM card to flex with as a babe?
Q2. How many weeks did her father gave her own mother ATM card to flex since she was born.
Mtcweeee how i wish she is close to me i could have use knife and remove her p**cy then give her ATM card to flex forever.