Top Story: Two-Yr-Old Boy Dragged By Alligator Into Lake


Just few days after the killings at gay club in Orlando, a two-year old boy was attacked and dragged into a man-made lake by an alligator, at Disney resort around 9.20 pm on Tuesday, June 14.

The International news media said the toddler was dragged into the Seven Seas Lagoon near the upmarket Grand Floridian Resort & Spa as he paddled in a foot of water with his parents despite ‘no swimming’ signs being posted nearby.

A rescue team are searching the lake for hope of finding to boy, but according to the city’s Sheriff, there is little hope of finding the boy alive after his father’s unsuccessful struggle with the seven-foot reptile.

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The Disney resort and lake into which the boy was attacked and dragged by the Alligator
The Disney resort and lake into which the boy was attacked and dragged by the Alligator

The Sheriff, Jerry Demings, explained to journalists that, the boy’s father was there nearby and the alligator came up and attacked. The father struggled and tried to get his son and was not successful and he alerted others nearby to assist him.”

The boy’s mother, he said, also rushed into the water to rescue him, then a nearby guard was told of the attack. The Sheriff said:

“We are not leaving until we recover the child, there are excess of 50 law-enforcement personnel at the scene actively searching the lake.”

Report said that Alligators are a common site in Florida waters, thus can be sited in the area around Disney World Resort, but they are removed and relocated when they reach four foot and get too near to guest areas. Alligators are known to be shy water creatures, hence it can be extremely hard to round-up the man eating larger ones.

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There was no report of such incident happening in the area before. It is not known if the child or his family of five; father, mother and three children, (with the 2-year-old boy being the youngest), are guests at the hotel, where prices were standard rooms start from $569 per night.

There’s a record of about 1.3 million alligators living in Florida, USA, with an average of a dozen attacks against humans recorded each year.