Bovi: One Year After His Mother’s Death Comedian Pens Down A Miss You Note


It’s been one year since Nigerian Comedian, Bovi lost his mum, Mrs. Ugboma Margaret Uyoyou. This morning, he took to Instagram to write a well-written tribute to her, reminiscing all her love and support while he was growing up.

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According to Bovi, his mother was very instrumental in his career as her hustles and prayers contributed to making him a success.

The heartfelt tribute reads:

“Bovi o! It’s mummy o! She’s not breathing o”! Those where the first words that hit me when I picked up the phone call. It was 7pm, January 25th 2016. I was parked outside the palms, patiently waiting for my movie time before making my way into the building.

“But how was this possible? I spoke to her exactly an hour ago, and I assured her I would check on her that same evening again. Now a female voice driven by hysteria was telling me the worst with the only euphemism she could conjure. I asked who else was there. She said uncle Eric.

“Finally!! Uncle Eric has always been there for my mum. Her go-to guy and Mr. Fix it. With uncle Eric, nothing was ever broken. But when he got on the phone, he was broken. It was the first time I heard a strong man cry. That’s when I froze. I was in shock.

“She had just left me 24 hours earlier. I drove her to the airport. “Bovi I don’t want to miss my flight”, she had queried. I told her it was a Sunday. “The road is clear. Let’s cruise”! It was our last of many voyages. Just before she got into the arrival terminal I asked her to pose for a picture. I posted it on Snapchat and captioned it “momma pls don’t go.” How ironic!

“The story is too tragic to tell, too long to narrate. I became emotionally frigid. Me and my siblings have just one great regret. We never had the chance to pay her back! The memories came gushing as I drove back home to face my new reality; I remembered the first gift she gave me with a written message.

“It was an album. I was seven. I remembered how she took me to write my common entrance exam. As I walked out the hall, there she stood at the end of the hallway waiting with a lucid smile. She whispered to me “I know you did well”. I was ten. I remembered all the visits in boarding house. Staring at the gate of the school, it was only a matter of time before she drove in.

“She never disappointed. With love she would say, “you’re the first fruit of my womb. I baptized you myself”. A good woman died! By 2pm of the 26th I stood before her body. Even in death, I could feel her warmth. Even in its stiffness I could feel her tenderness. There she lay, forever irreplaceable!!

“May she continue to rest in Peace.”

Bovi and Mum
Bovi and Mum

Similarly, Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson, who lost her dad on Monday 23rd, 2017, also shared a tribute to her dad on Instagram. She posted the tribute alongside one of the two photos of him in her possession.

“Rest in Peace Father, ” she wrote. “This picture was taken on the 6th of this month…, I have only two pictures with my Father, and this is one of them… much I wanted to talk about… much I wanted to say…..but God knows best….I know you are in HEAVEN……I know we’ll meet again and talk about it all…..there were days I cried to my mum to bring me to yours……there were days I couldn’t wait to see you and talk to you just for a minute….

“I longed to hold your hand…..I longed to sit on your lap…..I longed for all of that……can we still do that when I see you in HEAVEN?? Can we start all over again?? Can we correct the mistakes??? I longed for you so much. I have nothing but love for you…….in His last days….he always mentioned God in everything he said…why?? Because there’s no one GREATER  sleep well father #MRNELSON”

Yvonne Nelson
Yvonne Nelson and dad

Yvonne Nelson grew up in the custody of her mother and did not have a close relationship with her father, however, his death was a big blow to her, reminding her of the father she never really spent time with.

May the souls of the departed continue to rest in Peace!

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