Homosexuality: Borno Residents Decry Homosexual Trend & Abuse On Children


Amid Boko Haram insurgent in Borno state, some residents of Maiduguri has raised alarm against the incessant increase of homosexual abuse on children by gay persons in the region.

The report on Tuesday, January 31, reveled that the trend has becoming too rampant and if left unchecked might become a norm in the society. According to a resident of 707 quarters in Maiduguri, Mr Bashir Shuwa, who was interviewed by Vanguard, homosexual individuals are taking advantage of children and their vulnerability to force them into anal sex.

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Shuwa lamented:

“It is fast becoming a trend in the area and it is afflicting several neighbourhoods, who helplessly watch their wards being lured into anal sex. And much worse, those who commit this delinquent acts on minors and others always get away with their crimes unpunished because of the influence they wield in the society.

“This unpleasant tendency should not be allowed to remain unchecked if we want to live in a decent and tolerable society, where standard ethical norms are being obeyed by all.”

Another resident, Mubarak Pate affirmed the situation, adding that homosexuality is common among elite members of the society who engage the young male children in anal sex. Pate said many of these highly respected people not only gay, but are perpetrators of child abuse.

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“Even in countries where Sodomy has been legalised, they descend heavily against those who do it to minors or under aged children.

“We should ensure that all those with such dirty habits are punished for their crimes and accordingly, should not be placed in positions of responsibility so as not to make their criminal activities look attractive to innocent people.”

Obviously, the act of homosexuality has escalated among elites in the state as one other resident Bulama Ba’aba living in 1,000 Housing Estate, Maiduguri said that the ugly activity was even more in the estate and it was being overlooked.

According to Hajiya Salamatu Abdulkadir, who is a politician, the victims of the abuse are being subjected to mockery, while the perpetrators walk with pride and haughtiness as they continue with their unimpeded misdemeanor.

“It is important to stop this despicable practice from being spread to innocent children by those who encouraged it, otherwise it will escalate beyond repair.”

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Meanwhile, Mr. Abdullahi Ibrahim, the Borno Commandant of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) said the trend was true and very disturbing.

Investigation unveiled that youths between the age of 8 and 13 years old were being lured by their partners. Hence, they urged parents to ensure proper upbringing of their children and wards so as to prevent the trend of homosexuality in the society.

Homosexuality remains a crime in Nigeria and children and teenagers are most vulnerable victims of homosexual abuse. The state of Borno has suffered war infliction by Boko Haram terrorists and are currently still under siege by the deadly group.