‘Born Again’ Majid Michel Promises Not To Partake In Sexually Explicit Scenes Again


Ghollywood actor, Majid Michel, has announced he will henceforth, no longer feature in sexually motivated movies, and conceal his private parts.

The actor popularly known as Ghollywood’s ‘bad boy’, has confirmed his ‘born again’ status telling fans not to expect any raunchy act from him again.

Majid made this known while speaking to a Radio station, said though he won’t stop being bad in movies, he was going to regulate whatever provokes the emotions of man, be it sexually or any negative way.

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Hear him; “I won’t stop being bad in movies but I will regulate the kind of bad scenes you will see. You will not see my buttocks, you will not see sexually explicit scenes, you won’t hear bad language but you will identify things that will propel your spirit to somewhere great. Basically we will reduce all the explicit scenes you used to see.”

Majid Michel 1

Earlier in the year, Majid Michel, who was formerly known as a die hard atheist (belief that God does not exist), said he had turned a new leaf, and now believes strongly in the existence of God.

He made this known in a post on Instagram, saying he has not spoken to God because he was told that God does not exist and he foolishly believed. Majid went further to explain what brought about the change in his belief and why he is now thankful for knowing that there is God.

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The Ghollywood actor who is now a minister of God is seen constantly sharing the word of God on his IG page, he now goes from church to church to minister. On October 4, the Ghanaian actor was seen ministering at a Church – Zoe Sanctuary where he performed deliverance.