Tinubu Entreats Nigerians To Be Patient With Present Government


The National leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Senator Bola Tinubu, reassured Nigerians on Saturday that the change mantra of the present administration is still very much on course.

According to the former Lagos State governor, who said this during the 40th Convocation ceremony of the Usmanu Dan Fodiyo University, Sokoto, where he was conferred with an Honorary Doctor of Business Administration on March 19, 2016, the process of change is one that demands time, particularly after “the conscience of our nation has been under attack for many years.

He said;

“We were handed a way of governance in which anything goes and too much went – as if gone with the wind. Our present was squandered and future mortgaged.”

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While the APC chieftain urged Nigerians to give their full support and exercise patience with the APC government he said,

“The truth today is that Nigeria has the greatest opportunity to get it right with a leader like Muhammadu Buhari. There is much to fix. President Buhari  is  committed to fixing them. But he needs your support and patience.

“There is much to fix. President Buhari is committed to fixing them. But he needs your support and patience. He cannot do it all alone. We must stand    beside him or else we may be knocked down and not stand at all. Thus, let us be resolved to see reform and change that will make Nigeria rise as the nation it should be.”

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Tinubu also took his time to give the necessary clarifications to those he described as “naysayers and negative spinners” who argue that no change was taking place. Hear him:

“It’s easy for those who are greedy to think that change is easy. Change is not about comfort of today, but the success of tomorrow. Nigeria was in the roller-coaster of losing hope. Then our party brought cure. Don’t let anyone deceive you, the cure is here.”

Senator Bola Tinubu, who sang the praise of Usmanu Dan Fodiyo, the man after whom the institution was named, also recognised the leadership of the Sultan and the governor of Sokoto before redirecting his attention to the issues bothering the country today. In his own words he said,

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“I am honoured to be at the historic seat of the Caliphate a place where history, culture, religion and tradition merge to form the architecture of one of the world ‘s most impressive and venerable civilizations. The man after whom the institution is named was a foremost Islamic scholar. An extraordinary leader who understood the deep yearnings and needs of the people. He provided visionary yet practical leadership and taught us all that we must be ready to personally sacrifice to advance and secure those things in which we truly believe.”

Mr. Bola Tinubu further pointed out that Nigeria has already started the process of transforming to its better self as Buhari’s administration is cleaning the mess gathered in the country from years of corruption and greed. He also revealed that the APC government is making moves towards pursuing policies that will bring about development in the country and as a result, bring prosperity to citizens of Nigeria who have been under oppression for a very long time.

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He reminded Nigerians that this venture will be a battle and according to him,

“No battle is easy. We must be firm in our resolve to reform this nation. We must have the courage to stand fast in the times of difficulty, having faith that the rightfulness of our cause will see us through to the success of our collective efforts and yearnings.”

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