Buhari Allegedly Deploys Trained Boko Haram Soldiers To Kill IPOB Members


President Muhammadu Buhari has been accused of deploying trained Boko Haram soldiers to the South-Eastern region of the country with the sole aim of finding out the key players of the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and ensuring that they are arrested and killed by the military.

The allegation against the president was reported by The Biafra Times, an online pro-Biafra media which also claimed that the newly trained terrorists are to be paid the sum of N5,000 for each IPOB member killed.

The post reads:

“Credible information reaching the desk of Biafra writers now from a reliable source has it that Muhammadu Buhari has deployed newly trained Boko Haram soldiers to all the states in Biafra land.

“They have recruited men and women especially from APC political party, who will in turn, recruit more people to do their dirty business.

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Buhari Allegedly Deploys Boko Haram Soldiers To Kill IPOB Members

“Their job is to fish out key IPOB brethren and allow the soldiers to do the rest. They are paid 5,000 naira for each IPOB member gunned down.

“According to a coordinator in Aba, ‘One of their female agents approached my member today, to join them in the business, but she refused because she is a true Biafran that needs freedom more than blood money.

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“Going by this vital information, we are hereby alerting all Biafrans and the world at large to know that Muhammadu Buhari is hell-bent on exterminating Biafrans at all cost. This is why he was unequivocal when he recently reiterated that “NO REFERENDUM” for Biafra.

“Muhammadu Buhari’s killer squad should know that we the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB are fanatical about Biafra and we are determined to restore Biafra. Therefore we refuse to be cowed by any form of intimidation. Not even the continued secret killing of IPOB can stop us. It is Biafra or death!!!

“Chijijndu Ukah,

“Reporting from Biafra land,

“For Biafra Writers.

It’s true that President Buhari is bent on maintaining the unity of Nigeria, but do you think he can go to this extent just to keep the country as one?

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