Channel Your Advise To Boko Haram And Fulani Herdsmen – MASSOB


In reaction to a comment about another civil war in Nigeria, the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, MASSOB told Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar, to focus on finding an effective solution to northern insurgents instigating a war in Nigeria.

It can be recalled that Sultan Abubakar had called on Nigerians to shun acts that might cause war in the country. During one of the programmes to mark the Rivers State’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, he said Nigeria would not survive another civil war.

During one of the programmes to mark the Rivers State’s Golden Jubilee celebrations, he said Nigeria would not survive another civil war.

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The statement had obviously triggered outrage from Biafra agitators who believe the Sultan was referring to the freedom movement.

In response, the National Director of Information for MASSOB, Sunday Okereafor said that the group had never shown any act of violence in the struggle for a sovereign state of Biafra.

According to Mr. Okereafor, the Sultan should rather advise the Fulani herdsmen that had been killing and maiming people in the southern part of the country and the Boko Haram sect, which had been perpetrating similar acts in the North-East.

Speaking on behalf of MASSOB, he said:

“We are not fighting any war this time around. MASSOB will remain non-violent and we will continue with the non-violent approach.

“This is the 18th year of the struggle by MASSOB. Despite the crackdown, all the killings, all the arrests and provocations, we still remain non-violent.

“The Sultan should direct his statement to Fulani herdsmen and Boko Haram group, who are killing and maiming people in Nigeria. The Igbo are peaceful people. 

“How can Sultan of Sokoto be talking about civil war? They (North) are the people inciting violence.

“Fulani herdsmen are from the North and they have been killing our people in our bush. They want to provoke us.

“They know that MASSOB is non-violent, but they are using Fulani herdsmen to bring war so that we will react. But we are not interested in that.”

Okoroafor stated that the Igbo people would have been decimated if they were people stealing cows in Nigeria.

He added that “the[north] want to use the herdsmen to conquer us, but we are saying no to war. So, we are telling the Sultan of Sokoto to refer his statement to his brothers, the Fulani herdsmen.”

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Meanwhile, the latest report has emerged of suspected Fulani herdsmen attacked an official of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, Inspector Amos Zaatyough, after he tried to rescue two boys who were fleeing for their lives.

The report reaching us at BuzzNigeria informed that the occurred on Tuesday, April 24 when Zaatyough had gone to visit a friend and witnessed two boys being chased by Fulani herdsmen.

In an attempt to arrest the situation, Zaatyough was attacked by the herdsmen who fled leaving him for dead.