Boko Haram Commander Captured By Nigeria-Cameroon Joint Forces


A joint military task force from Cameroon and Nigeria has captured a Boko Haram Commander, Boukar Kaou, during a raid that left 58 militants dead. According to a statement released by Cameroonian government’s spokesman,Kaou and his men were captured during a fight in Madawaya forest, near the Nigeria-Cameroon border, on May 10 and 11.

It also said 46 hostages, which comprises 18 women and 28 children, were freed and the Boko Haram camp destroyed. Weapons were also recovered at the terrorist camp.

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The Islamist militant group which has wrecked havoc in Northern Nigeria for the past seven-years, has spilled over into Cameroon, Chad and Niger, killing tens of thousands and displacing as many as seven million people. The group has last year pledged allegiance to Islamic State, IS, a group based in Iraq and Syria, which has carried out terror attacks in several parts of the world.

This group is believed to be responsible for Boko Haram sophisticated weapons. But, President Muhammadu Buhari, on Saturday said there was no credible intelligence linking Boko Haram’s source of weaponry to the Islamic State. Speaking during the second Regional Security Summit in Abuja, Mr. President said the claim that Boko Haram was getting its arms and ammunition from IS remained unsubstantiated.

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According to him, a major source of the group’s sophisticated weaponry was from the various military and police bases attacked at the peak of the insurgency in the affected countries.

“The type of weapons they are using, I believe were the ones taken from military bases they attacked at the peak of the insurgency especially in Nigeria. If you recall they attacked military bases and carted away weapons, they attacked police stations and broke into their armouries, that was how they got the kind of weapons they have been using to fight.

“Frankly, up till now we don’t have firm intelligence of what IS has been able to send to Boko Haram in terms of weapons or even money. But the fact that they said they are affiliated to IS has made many people to believe that they were getting weapons from ISIS.”